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10 links that point to the future of marketing:

Facebook Sponsored Stories Triples App Installs: Study

Given that so many CMOs have interest in content marketing, it only makes sense that there’s going to be a lot of interest around the merger of content and paid media. One way is to drive your paid media to content. More interesting is dynamically placing your content into paid media. This also provides an opportunity for online advertising to greatly differentiate itself from offline media.

Picking Brand Names in China Is a Business Itself –

The Latin American launch of the Nova car is legendary, and we’re seeing a similar issue taking place in China. Some amusing examples.

Whisperings of the Future Surround Us | John Battelle’s Search Blog

There’s certainly no shortage of data these days. But most of it looks at what’s happened, and stops there. This tool is an attempt to project those trend lines into the future. Something a lot of trendcasters could find useful.

Facebook Is Taking Business From LinkedIn: Jobvite

Facebook is again showing it’s 800lb gorilla nature, as it shows progress in areas seemingly owned by other social networks. As books like ‘Outliers’ have pointed out, though, the network with the most value business-wise may lie outside our traditional business boundaries.

Facebook Adds Maps To Event Pages

I still think Events are vastly underused on Facebook. They have a semi-permanent placement within a Facebook users page, they enable a pre and post event approach to distributing promotional messages and then collecting event assets like photos and videos, and lastly, they’re a great way to encourage networking among the attendees of an event.

45 Carriers Endorse NFC as Mobile Payment Standard

One of the more interesting battles in the mobile space is going to be around mobile payment platforms. Looks like a lot of manufacturers are joining forces to take on Apple. Of course, collaboration among manufacturers has never been their strength. Perhaps Google’s interest in NFC can be the connective tissue.

Why Second Life Failed

While focusing on what problem does a new idea solve isn’t really ground-breaking, the writer’s post examples, both good and bad, of companies that tried to predict the future. Also note the Second Life enthusiasts (employees?) posting in support of SL in the comments.

26 Promising Social Media Stats for Small Businesses | Social Media Examiner

Some fantastic stats in this. One in great support of building Facebook communities and posting regularly is the comScore stat that brands who post daily will reach 22% of their fan base in a given week. And for brands who can generate higher than average engagement, those numbers will be even better.

Facebook Likes Infographic: Facebook Brand Pages Lag Behind In ‘Likes’ | Crowd Science Blog

What’s most interesting here is that about a year ago, surveys were stating that the reason people “Like” a brand’s Facebook page was to get information on special products and pricing. What this is indicating is that the reasons are moving towards more emotionally-focused issues, including simply support for the brand. If this tracks, it certainly indicates not only an opportunity, but a requirement for brands to truly engage and inspire their Facebook communities.


The latest trends in social media and content marketing.

Logic+Emotion: 11 Actionable Trends For 2011

Very solid predictions on where companies should be placing their emphasis in the social media and content marketing space.

5 Web Technologies and Trends to Watch in 2011

One of the more tech-focused trend projections I’ve seen.

I Didn’t Know You Could Do That With Google Docs

Imagine a video showing nothing but the creation process of a business presentation that’s 450 pages long and full of charts, data and bullet points. Oh, and it currently has over 1,000,000 views on YouTube. Companies have more ways to tell their stories than ever before. They just have to get creative with them.

Foursquare Puts The Kibosh On Friend-Tip Spamming

Recently I read a good post that addressed the potential issue around companies being able to game social networking systems by encouraging users to “Like” them, thereby inflating the actual love for the company. That may seem good for social media marketing in the near term, but if Facebook and others are basing their search engines on that type of algorithm, you can see how easy it will become for companies to game that system, eventually rendering it useless (anyone remember search engines right before Google came out?). With this move, Foursquare is clearly dealing with this type of situation.

eBay: Mobile Sales Grew From $600 Million To $2 Billion In 2010

While mobile’s been genuinely hot for the past year or so, people have still doubted it’s ecommerce potential. And while there are certainly a lot of holes to be filled, this is some remarkable data confirming that when given a shopping environment they’re comfortable navigating and purchasing from, they’ll shell out the bucks.

Avatar Kinect brings magic of motion-controlled chatrooms to 360

I never thought I’d see a SecondLife-type VR system and Microsoft appearing in the same post here, but when you look past the cliched confines of this current technology, I think there’s big potential. And while social media may be shaping up to be more about our real selves than our imaginary selves, I think this potential runs more into the entertainment/gaming area. There will always be appeal for escapism, and I could see this being more about creating fictional characters with real personalities than anything else. Think anyone being able to create a Max headroom and run their own talk show.

Data: StumbleUpon Beats Facebook As Top Social Referrer

If this holds, StumbleUpon will be looking at a lot of potential for generating revenues from advertisers. And it certainly should place them on the list of content development and distribution partners.

Funding Lessons from a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

If you haven’t heard about this story, it has a lot of great branding, marketing and product development elements. Be sure to watch the video on the company’s site.

Has Google Admitted Defeat in the Social Web Race?: Tech News and Analysis «

The battle between Google and Facebook only seems to get more and more interesting. This is a good read, although I seriously can’t imagine Google already throwing in the towel, whatever trends the analyst sees.

Marcel the shell | The Glue Pot

I’ve been reading Clay Shirkey’s “Cognitive Surplus”, which speaks to the mass power of creativity that’s continuing to be unleashed through the accessibility of content creation tools. This video is another good example of that.

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