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10 links that point to the future of marketing:

Apple announces free iBooks Author OS X app for publishing books to the App Store

Amazon certainly has a sizable lead in the personal publishing space, but I’ve been more than a little surprised that they haven’t moved faster towards making it much, much easier to create Kindle books. Apple has already proven their ability to take simple UX to large audiences, from musicians using GarageBand to mass consumers purchasing through the iTunes store. If Apple can own the best creative process, they could end up with the best content.

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Social As We See It: Digital Trends for 2012

A good outline of some top line trends and the apps that are helping make it happen.

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55% of Brand Ambassadors Prefer Facebook

Not much info in support of the research methodology, but overall this doesn’t surprise me. In fact, I’d have thought it would be higher.

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Disruptions: Design Sets the Tone at a New Start-Up

An good example of branding that goes straight to the core of a company. It’s brand building by demonstration.

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Twitter Calls on Former Apple Exec for Marketing Help

Per the article, I’m not sure Twitter’s problem is people’s understanding of the service, but it will be interesting to see what issues they address in their move to push media.

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Three Men And A Basement: How Carrot Creative Grew

Inspiring story about three guys building a social media agency

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IBM’s 5 in 5 – a list of innovations which predicts future technology trends and applications.

Some interesting concepts presented in a branded content video from IBM.

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Marketers Still Struggling With Social

There’s an interesting thing happening in social media. While marketers are increasing their spending, they’re also admitting they aren’t entirely on top of how to manage the potential of social media. And like it’s always been in marketing, those with the best knowledge will be in a highly-advantageous position.

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Social Networking Stats: Facebook To Reach One Billion Users By August, #RLTM Scoreboard

Some very simple, clear data on why Facebook is driving the boat for most company’s social media efforts.

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Forbes went through a big redesign recently, and it’s great to see that as well as their content marketing efforts paying off.

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10 links that point to the future of interactive marketing:

 ‘People Talking About This’ defined

Like a lot of things on Facebook, it’s not entirely transparent, but the short answer is, it’s a look at the unique number of people who’ve referenced your page in some way over the past week.

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Is email going out with 2011?

This is an interesting POV on what’s been an ongoing debate. I’d say Yes, social media is replacing email, but of course, the more you connect with people via social media, the more email you’re likely to get. It’s written by the Craig in Craigslist, who’s always a good read.

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5 Tips for Making Your Brand More Social

It’s good to see more emphasis being placed on How we communicate, and not just what to do when. That’s the real differentiator.

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OpenSocial and the Future of Social Business

Perhaps the most likely Facebook competitor at this point could be a combination of all other social networks working together fluidly. A good overview of Open Social.

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Six Important Shifts for Social Media In 2012

Really like this post, especially the part about Strategic Content Planning. Companies of all size and shape are going to start paying a lot more attention to what they’re posting, and how it both relates to their business and drives engagement.

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7 Silly Mistakes to Stop Making in Your PR Pitches

Given that content marketing and PR are so closely connected, people accustomed to pushing messages should find this a helpful read. A lot of these are simply about taking the time to do your homework.

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Tech Tuesday: How The Web Works (Overview)

I’ve always been a fan of understanding how things work, even if you’ll never really have to work at a technical level. This is an easy-to-follow explanation of how all this stuff ends up on your computer screen.

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Look At The Shocking Difference Between Fast Food Ads And Real Menu Items

Of course anyone who’s ever been on a photo shoot knows the drill, here. The point is, not too long ago no major publication would have published this, and smaller publications wouldn’t have gotten distribution. The combination of blogs and social media networks changes that. The result is a new forced transparency.

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Again, another article emphasizing the nature of the content. Quote: “E-Commerce has given us so much extra information,” says Neukomm, “but the social channel and emotional engagement may be the most important.”

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Facebook Comments go mobile

Given the increasing confluence of social and mobile, this is not a small step.

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10 links that point to the future of marketing:

Facebook Users With High Self-Esteem Prefer Targeted Ads @PSFK

So would ads that try to create a need by making the viewer feel lacking or inadequate be better off on a friend’s page? Interesting psychology going on here.
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Of Rogues and Gentlemen — New blog from Brooks Brothers

In the world of content marketing, blogs could be making a comeback. Especially for retail companies that need to push new products and promotions heavily on their website.
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This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids | …

Love this installation art piece. Great way for a museum to connect with kids.
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Model Stars As Alexander Olch In Necktie Tutorial | NewMediaRockstars

I like this simple piece of content. It’s both fun and informative, in a pretty fluid way. The model is certainly going to add to the budget, but she also sets them up for a good amount of buzz, as well.

When the Car Radio Was Introduced, People Freaked Out – Mental Floss

Interesting story about the onset of car radios and the danger they seemed to impose. I’m not advocating texting-while-driving, but this simply shows how technologies, and our facility with them, both improve over time to change the situation.

What Are The Core Principles of Collaboration?

Good example of what really drives social behavior. Success to those who play the game well.
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Analyst Chetan Sharma Lays the Roadmap For Mobile In 2012

A survey on mobile trends from one of the industry’s best analysts, only this time he’s turned and surveyed those he most respects. Most surprising? That mobile advertising won’t be as hot as many might think.

Report Shows Social and Mobile Converging | Business 2 Community

According to this, social media is the #2 mobile activity. That’s partly the result of vast improvements in social media wap sites and apps.
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Data: Composition of a Corporate Social Media Team « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Ow…

As more business units want to own parts of the social media program (just like home page real estate), the key division in this org chart is the split between community and business unit managers.

Writers Block? Try this Quick Tip

This is pretty clever, and while it’s aimed for bloggers, I think it applies to the content generation space in general.
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