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10 links that point to the future of marketing:

Apple announces free iBooks Author OS X app for publishing books to the App Store

Amazon certainly has a sizable lead in the personal publishing space, but I’ve been more than a little surprised that they haven’t moved faster towards making it much, much easier to create Kindle books. Apple has already proven their ability to take simple UX to large audiences, from musicians using GarageBand to mass consumers purchasing through the iTunes store. If Apple can own the best creative process, they could end up with the best content.

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Social As We See It: Digital Trends for 2012

A good outline of some top line trends and the apps that are helping make it happen.

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55% of Brand Ambassadors Prefer Facebook

Not much info in support of the research methodology, but overall this doesn’t surprise me. In fact, I’d have thought it would be higher.

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Disruptions: Design Sets the Tone at a New Start-Up

An good example of branding that goes straight to the core of a company. It’s brand building by demonstration.

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Twitter Calls on Former Apple Exec for Marketing Help

Per the article, I’m not sure Twitter’s problem is people’s understanding of the service, but it will be interesting to see what issues they address in their move to push media.

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Three Men And A Basement: How Carrot Creative Grew

Inspiring story about three guys building a social media agency

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IBM’s 5 in 5 – a list of innovations which predicts future technology trends and applications.

Some interesting concepts presented in a branded content video from IBM.

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Marketers Still Struggling With Social

There’s an interesting thing happening in social media. While marketers are increasing their spending, they’re also admitting they aren’t entirely on top of how to manage the potential of social media. And like it’s always been in marketing, those with the best knowledge will be in a highly-advantageous position.

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Social Networking Stats: Facebook To Reach One Billion Users By August, #RLTM Scoreboard

Some very simple, clear data on why Facebook is driving the boat for most company’s social media efforts.

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Forbes went through a big redesign recently, and it’s great to see that as well as their content marketing efforts paying off.

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10 links that point to the future of interactive marketing:

 ‘People Talking About This’ defined

Like a lot of things on Facebook, it’s not entirely transparent, but the short answer is, it’s a look at the unique number of people who’ve referenced your page in some way over the past week.

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Is email going out with 2011?

This is an interesting POV on what’s been an ongoing debate. I’d say Yes, social media is replacing email, but of course, the more you connect with people via social media, the more email you’re likely to get. It’s written by the Craig in Craigslist, who’s always a good read.

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5 Tips for Making Your Brand More Social

It’s good to see more emphasis being placed on How we communicate, and not just what to do when. That’s the real differentiator.

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OpenSocial and the Future of Social Business

Perhaps the most likely Facebook competitor at this point could be a combination of all other social networks working together fluidly. A good overview of Open Social.

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Six Important Shifts for Social Media In 2012

Really like this post, especially the part about Strategic Content Planning. Companies of all size and shape are going to start paying a lot more attention to what they’re posting, and how it both relates to their business and drives engagement.

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7 Silly Mistakes to Stop Making in Your PR Pitches

Given that content marketing and PR are so closely connected, people accustomed to pushing messages should find this a helpful read. A lot of these are simply about taking the time to do your homework.

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Tech Tuesday: How The Web Works (Overview)

I’ve always been a fan of understanding how things work, even if you’ll never really have to work at a technical level. This is an easy-to-follow explanation of how all this stuff ends up on your computer screen.

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Look At The Shocking Difference Between Fast Food Ads And Real Menu Items

Of course anyone who’s ever been on a photo shoot knows the drill, here. The point is, not too long ago no major publication would have published this, and smaller publications wouldn’t have gotten distribution. The combination of blogs and social media networks changes that. The result is a new forced transparency.

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Again, another article emphasizing the nature of the content. Quote: “E-Commerce has given us so much extra information,” says Neukomm, “but the social channel and emotional engagement may be the most important.”

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Facebook Comments go mobile

Given the increasing confluence of social and mobile, this is not a small step.

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10 links that point towards the future of marketing:

The Importance of Being Awesome

It’s been said before, but knowing what type of content works, or is awesome, has to be a major strategic and communication goal for brands.

Streamglider Takes On Flipboard And Pulse With Sleek Social Interest

Given how new iPad publishing is, there’s going to be a lot of room for improvement. This is one iPad app for social news that I’ll be checking out over the holidays.

Social networking booming in Egypt, Russia, survey finds –

Reading this only confirms the sense that there’s still a big gap in the social scene for a much simpler (read: text-like) social format that appeals to the smartphone-less set, a far larger group than those who own smartphones.

Five Social Media Books you Should Read

Some books to read while you’re digesting the turkey.

Will Mobile Rule the World in 2012? via @PostAdvertising

Some good examples of peak developments on the mobile front.

NASA’s Virtual Snow Globe Looks at 10 Years of the White Stuff

An interesting composite of NASA video. This feels like something a a moving infographic and time lapse cinematography.

How to design your presentations for social sharing

The idea of making any form of content primed for social sharing should be a standard approach to any brand’s message development.

What You Need to Know About YouTube’s New Analytics Program

I really like the Audience Retention data — showing you where viewers drop off in a video. I’m surprised YouTube didn’t roll that out years ago.

Your Twitter Stream Is Boring Me To Tears. Stop It.


Google+ Brand Pages Begin Showing Up in Primary Search Results

While Facebook currently seems to own the future of social search, Google has been far more innovative in pushing search ahead. Facebook might be well off to hire a few Googlers to help push their search innovation.


10 links that point to the future of digital marketing:

Separating You and Me? 4.74 Degrees –

This really demonstrates how quickly any brand-related message could peel through the Internet, eventually hitting a large percent of the FB user group, while also likely generating multiple impressions for many people.

How to Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Wall Art

This is a nice partnership deal between the fast-growing Instagram and a photo printing service. Both should benefit from this ‘clicks-and-mortar’ combo. Companies without a natural online-offline relationship should consider such partnerships to expand their touchpoints.

Facebook Tests More Variations On Sponsored Stories

If there’s one ad format I’m most curious about, it’s sponsored stories. This is the leading edge of content marketing, and while the creatives are less than dynamic, they’re bringing together interesting elements: The story, the people related to it, and even what they’re saying about it.

Steve Jobs Was Right: Google IS Turning Into Microsoft

If you follow the tech battle among the 800 lb gorillas, this is a good read.

Here’s How People Look at Your Facebook Profile — Literally

This really replicates much of what’s been known about website page viewing (e.g., content at the top gets viewed the most), but it’s a quick read and is certainly worth the separate social media analysis.

Can Gamifying a Restaurant Get You Better Service?

Gamification has garnered a lot of buzz, and many of the projected use cases proposed have been pretty obvious. What I like about this is, it’s employee focused instead of customer. That may sound backwards, but employees are far more likely to use it when they’re the ones getting the potential bonus.

Is Content Marketing an Asset or an Expense?

A very simple premise — is content an expense or an asset. I really like the way this post frames content as an asset. While I’m not a CPA, it continues providing value long after it’s posted, which seems to be the trait of an asset.

A Note to Our Readers About Comments –

Henry Ford said something to the effect of “If we’d have listened to our customers, we’d have designed faster horses”. Steve Jobs was known for paying very little attention to what his customers said. A quick read of the comments shows how resistant people are to change. Comment threading has been widely practiced on numerous leading online publications, and from experience, I’d say to good effect.

Daily Wrap: Path is Awesome and More

Path is an app with a very fluid timeline presentation. I think the UX definitely needs some attention (but then what startup’s UX doesn’t).

‘We Are the 99 Percent’ Joins the Cultural and Political Lexicon –

A fresh look at the 99% meme, which is as close as the OWS movement came to a clear position.


10 links that point to the future of marketing:

Facebook Sponsored Stories Triples App Installs: Study

Given that so many CMOs have interest in content marketing, it only makes sense that there’s going to be a lot of interest around the merger of content and paid media. One way is to drive your paid media to content. More interesting is dynamically placing your content into paid media. This also provides an opportunity for online advertising to greatly differentiate itself from offline media.

Picking Brand Names in China Is a Business Itself –

The Latin American launch of the Nova car is legendary, and we’re seeing a similar issue taking place in China. Some amusing examples.

Whisperings of the Future Surround Us | John Battelle’s Search Blog

There’s certainly no shortage of data these days. But most of it looks at what’s happened, and stops there. This tool is an attempt to project those trend lines into the future. Something a lot of trendcasters could find useful.

Facebook Is Taking Business From LinkedIn: Jobvite

Facebook is again showing it’s 800lb gorilla nature, as it shows progress in areas seemingly owned by other social networks. As books like ‘Outliers’ have pointed out, though, the network with the most value business-wise may lie outside our traditional business boundaries.

Facebook Adds Maps To Event Pages

I still think Events are vastly underused on Facebook. They have a semi-permanent placement within a Facebook users page, they enable a pre and post event approach to distributing promotional messages and then collecting event assets like photos and videos, and lastly, they’re a great way to encourage networking among the attendees of an event.

45 Carriers Endorse NFC as Mobile Payment Standard

One of the more interesting battles in the mobile space is going to be around mobile payment platforms. Looks like a lot of manufacturers are joining forces to take on Apple. Of course, collaboration among manufacturers has never been their strength. Perhaps Google’s interest in NFC can be the connective tissue.

Why Second Life Failed

While focusing on what problem does a new idea solve isn’t really ground-breaking, the writer’s post examples, both good and bad, of companies that tried to predict the future. Also note the Second Life enthusiasts (employees?) posting in support of SL in the comments.

26 Promising Social Media Stats for Small Businesses | Social Media Examiner

Some fantastic stats in this. One in great support of building Facebook communities and posting regularly is the comScore stat that brands who post daily will reach 22% of their fan base in a given week. And for brands who can generate higher than average engagement, those numbers will be even better.

Facebook Likes Infographic: Facebook Brand Pages Lag Behind In ‘Likes’ | Crowd Science Blog

What’s most interesting here is that about a year ago, surveys were stating that the reason people “Like” a brand’s Facebook page was to get information on special products and pricing. What this is indicating is that the reasons are moving towards more emotionally-focused issues, including simply support for the brand. If this tracks, it certainly indicates not only an opportunity, but a requirement for brands to truly engage and inspire their Facebook communities.


10 posts that point to the future of marketing:

The Brands That Survive Will Be The Brands That Make Life Better | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation

I think this POV, but I do think there’s a big difference between making a difference in the world, and making a difference in consumer’s lives. While both are obviously great, at the end of the day, I think most people are shopping for the latter.

Reserve items, check yourself out with the Apple Store 2.0 app

A great blend of traditional and e commerce, from Apple. Another use of technology that both enhances the consumer experience and saves the brand money.

CouchSurfing – Participate in Creating a Better World, One Couch At A Time

Another idea out to change the world. This one’s arriving via the jetstream of AirB2B.

Why My Kids Love Ed Sheeran – Forbes

Social media is a channel, not a strategy. That can’t be emphasized enough, and it’s examples like this that companies need to follow. It’s not about just showing up on social media, it’s about showing up in a way that resonates.

80% of Smartphone Users Multitask While Watching TV

I like how an equal percent of multi-taskers find it productive as find it distracting. It doesn’t seem like they asked the obvious question, though, which is “When do you multi-task during a show?” During commercials?

Twitter / @adtech: Your employees are the most authentic story tellers you have.

Sometimes a simple tweet is all that needs to be said. This is quite true.

New startup wants to be ‘Google Analytics for the real world’

Interesting concept and indicative of the tracking potential around mobile, although I have to think at some point this level of invasiveness will get the plug pulled on it.

Google’s Chief Works to Trim a Bloated Ship –

Interesting to see how large companies like Google placing an emphasis on quick decision-making and streamlining operations.

Gary Morgenthaler Explains Exactly How Siri Will Eat Google’s Lunch | TechCrunch

A million blue links from Google is worth far less than one correct answer from Siri. People don’t really want search engines. Rather, they want “do” engines.


Ten links that point to the future of marketing:

Facebook Friends Don’t Let Friends Forget Them | Fast Company

With the explosion of social media and brain research, some very interesting findings are coming out. As the article notes, data on our social network size has never been more easily available than with Facebook. Interesting times ahead, for sure.

Egypt’s Top ‘Facebook Revolutionary’ Now Advising Occupy Wall Street | Danger Room |

World revolutionaries uniting and working together. You couldn’t ask for a better example of how social networking technologies are increasing the rate of change in the world by connecting people who previously would have had a much more difficult time meeting and exchanging ideas.

NYT: We Can All Become Job Creators

Starbucks is launching a program to support local entrepreneurs: In this initiative, they’re basically taking on government’s responsibility while launching a powerful brand campaign. There’s a lot to like about this, not the least of which is simply taking initiative.

Amazon Rewrites the Rules of Book Publishing –

I’d think this sets up a very interesting premise for brands to support writers that are covering an area of interest. Sure, there will be conflicts, but really, any more than what we already have in the media?

5 trends that will shape the future of mobile advertising — Mobile Technology News

Mobile’s growth, while perhaps overshadowed by tablet use, is still strong. These trends are focused on the paid media side of mobile, and much of it is really about bringing existing technologies to the mobile space, making use of mobiles location-based info to add relevance.

A Duet with Siri [VIDEO]

Probably not how I’ll be using Siri, but it’s an interesting product demo.

Toyota Uses Facebook Game As Promotional Vehicle

There have been promotional driving games before, but Facebook is a big differentiator here. There’s a big download, though, and I wonder if that’s going to play well in the instant gratification world of social media.

Gooood Morning, Nerdinam: FlipZu Makes You An Instant Broadcaster | TechCrunch

This could be an interesting offering for someone looking for audio content. It’s essentially the audio equivalent of a Ustream.

How to Really Listen

I really like this POV on what listening is really about. There’s listening, and then there’s really hearing. Corporations need to focus on really hearing people more than ever before, because if they don’t, people can sense it now more than ever before.


The latest trends in new media marketing technologies, strategies and tactics:

Ad of the Day: Cycle Safety | Adweek

While i don’t usually post broadcast ads, I am a cyclist, and the visual effects on this are striking.

TRUE STORY: Facebook Is Keeping My Brother Alive

I’ve seen posts talking about the problem of leaving a deceased person’s Facebook page active. This is a compelling argument for the opposite approach. Keeping their page alive, even if they’re not.

Why iPads are a retail game-changer –

Some good data in this story about a recent Forrester study. Bottom line is while tablets are often lumped into mobile, we’re seeing more and more evidence that tablets are a more distinct screen experience.

DIGIDAY: 5 Niche Social Nets That Work

While the big social networks pull all the buzz, if your target audience is niche enough, you might find social networks like these to reach them through.

Don’t Be a Content Marketing Grinch – Convince & Convert

I couldn’t agree more with these fundamental ideas behind distributing content wherever you can find relevant readers.

How YouTube Wins in the Great Unbundling of Cable TV | Advertising Age

A good read on where the future of television and video content is headed.

AppGrooves: App Recommendation Engine Combines Social With “Hot Or Not” Feature | TechCrunch

It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges in app production is getting noticed in the app store. This is an interesting app idea — to help you discover the most relevant apps — but there’s still a chicken and the egg situation. How will people discover this app?

Video Marketer’s Guide to YouTube Annotations & Why You Should Use Them

Video is still proving to be some of the most effective content you can produce, and these tips will help you make your videos on YouTube even more effective.

Disney Marketing: The Happiest Social Media Strategy on Earth

This article is a great example of how content is different from advertising. If you want to drive engagement, you might still need to be selling, but you’re selling in a less-direct way.

Is Social Media Taking Over Search: SlideShare Presentation

While this gets into some higher levels than non-search people may be able track, the upshot is, if you want to improve your seo standings today and even moreso in the future, get people to share your content.










The latest in new media marketing strategy and tactics:

Building the Agency of Now « Threeminds

Love this voice-of-reason POV on the industry.

The Top 10 Marketing Sites For Social Media Marketing Trends | Fast Company

According to a recent survey by Effie and Mashable, 87% of marketers said social media was “important” or “very important” to achieving their biggest marketing goal this year. So we know social is a key marketing activity for many leading brands. So where are marketers getting their social media information? From this survey, it’s not primarily the traditional advertising publishers, although a few of them did make the list.

Report: Amazon To Use Two-Finger Touchscreen To Keep Table Competitive With The iPad | TechCrunch

The battle to grab market share from Apple, be it from the iPad or iPhone, is going to be an interesting story over the next couple of years, and should offer interesting insights into the power of a brand versus a low price competitor.

Milk Campaign Withdrawn Amid Charges of Sexism –

Perhaps the most interesting comment is the last line. A seasoned ad exec surprised but the uproar speaks to how much has changed since 2005. That rate of change doesn’t happen in other media platforms.

Judge dismisses Winklevoss case against Facebook –

Read the comments on this article. Another example of how the public can be a brand’s best spokesperson.

Sidestepping Apple: From Amazon to Condé Nast, Companies Rethink App Strategies |

Even brands as powerful as Apple can only push their will on developers and partners so far. Eventually, they’ll just go somewhere else.

Microsoft Apologizes for Amy Winehouse Tweet

While I can see the protesters points, this is a pretty blurry line. Magazines have always written cover story articles about dead celebrities, and obviously they’re trying to sell magazines. Of all these examples of companies who combined tribute with commerce, the Amazon example is probably the most sincere, and seems to have ruffled the fewest feathers.

15 Creative QR Codes [PICS]

I’m still not convinced QR codes are ready for prime time just yet, but if you’re going to do them, these examples of creative looking QR code designs would be a great start. At least these make me want to use them.

Social Media Platform For Hotels Offers Web Site Visitors Incentives

There’s been a lot of talk of loyalty programs of recent, and the merger between that and social media is obvious. Hospitality businesses are well-suited candidates for this type of program, and this is one of the offerings in the hotel business.

How Blogging Can Get You More Social Fundraisers | Inspiring Generosity

I think this goes way deeper than just non-profits. Blogging can create perceived value and expertise for a brand, even if it’s primarily for search and inbound traffic.


The latest in new media marketing strategies, tactics and technologies:

100 YouTube Videos Come Together To Cover Led Zeppelin [VIDEO]

More than anything, I think this shows how something as seemingly simple as video sharing has impacted so many people in so many situations and environments, and draws a common thread across all of them.

This iPhone Survived a 13,500-Foot Fall

A great brand story, irregardless of what a freak event this may have been.

Track that bias: New app visualizes cable news topics live — Online Video News

The first 2 paragraphs of this are all you need to read to get a nice sense of how text analysis can be used to add depth and perspective to a batch of data difficult to otherwise get a good grasp of.

How Bing’s Editors Choose Sexy Images To Seduce You Away From Google | Fast Company

A battle of the page design strategies between Microsoft (Bing) and Google. While Bing has supported their page launch with a significant paid media effort, I can see how this more emotional greeting is a great shot at Google’s supposed strength; simplicity. It’s like the political debate strategy of attacking, not your opponents weaknesses, but their strengths.

AmEx Links Up Facebook With Coupon-less Deals, And Lets Merchants Go Social | TechCrunch

I really like how AmEx understands their value in this corner of the market — creating a coupon experience with less friction for the end consumer. The less behavior changing you have to do, the better.

Why are web workers happier? — Online Collaboration

Agencies often struggle with the idea of an out-of-sight workforce. This is an interesting counter to that.

Game Insight Shuns iOS for Android, Prepares to Tell Facebook Crime Story

If you were a Mac user in the 90s, you have to remember how slowly, developers started investing less and less effort in their Mac apps, relative to the PC versions. Android is looking more and more like the new Windows. Better? No. But cheaper, more widely available, and thus gaining a larger customer base? Yes.

Facebook Asks Users to Help It Get Local Business Owners to Claim Their Places

Using their community to build their database of businesses. Smart move.

REPORT: How Google Plus Stacks Up Against Facebook

Given Google’s lofty brand status and massive reach in the technology world, I’m not surprised to see them come out of the blocks this strong. I don’t think 10% of Facebook’s US traffic is really the traction point for them. But the next few months could be very interesting.

New Filing Shows Zynga-Facebook Exclusivity Goes Far Beyond Credits – Liz Gannes – News – AllThingsD

A revealing, if not interesting, exploration of the relationship between these two. Facebook clearly has little to lose in this deal, and it shows Zynga’s heavy reliance on Facebook for the success of it’s platform. Like all the brand pages themselves, Facebook has put themselves in a position where they’re the only game in town, and if it weren’t for Facebook, the reality is, companies like Zynga would likely be a shell of their current selves.