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The latest in new media marketing strategies and tactics:

comScore: Facebook Keeps Gobbling People’s Time

Where are people getting the time? From the looks of it, from their MySpace account. YouTube also continues a very strong upward arc (as much as data is to be believed).

Social Media: The Final Piece of the Super Bowl Advertising Puzzle

This was way overdue. If you look at the value the Super Bowl brings, it’s mass audience. One of the few times a year when that happens on a national and even international scale. Communities often run into a common problem — they don’t have value until they have people — and the first one in is like the first person to buy a fax machine. Thus an event like the Super Bowl gives brands an opportunity to reach and connect a large group of people at once. Giving fledgling social community efforts the jump start they just might need to get over the hump.

The Future of Mobile Tagging in Marketing, Branding & Communications

If you’re working on a mobile project or looking for interesting mobile ideas, this is an exhaustive list of mobile tactics that have been used. Well worth flipping through.

Got marketing technologists? 1,000-fold growth – Chief Marketing Technologist

Interesting, and not really surprising, tracking of the growing interest in the job title “chief marketing technologist”.

Facebook Ads Can Now Specify Any Page Landing Tab as a Destination

This should drive up both conversion rates for Facebook ads, as well as increase ad sales and testing, as advertisers can now advertise numerous destinations on their Facebook Page. In addition, the article speaks to the ever-opening Facebook Ads API. While this company isn’t shy about thier dislike for Google, this gives you the sense it’s more love-hate.

Sponsored Stories Now Available in the Facebook Self-Serve Ad Tool

Facebook is really moving into interesting territory in terms of bridging paid media advertising with content development. When you consider how well Facebook has integrated itself with the outside content world, they’re in an area with a lot of headroom.

ComScore: Hulu Is Watched Twice As Much As The 5 Major TV Networks Online Combined

This speaks to the importance of good user interface and convenient access. Compared to the TV remote, surfing to different websites for content feels almost archaic.

The Rise of LinkedIn as Login of Choice [Infographic]

One of the big questions in social networks is, How many is enough. For some that meant one: Facebook. But new data is indicating that people using third-party login for business-related sites are increasingly using Facebook. An early indication that people could be looking for different ways to present themselves across the Web. No surprise there.

A Sneak Peek at 2015′s Smartphone: Sophisticated Reviews on the Go, Courtesy MIT | Fast Company

Most looks into the future aren’t as tangible as this. And if there’s one industry in who’s future I’m highly interested in, it’s mobile. At the core of this process is text analysis — mining text and mapping their meanings to give them new value and insight.

Smells Like Team Spirit | Slideshows

Another good content example that’s not expensive to pull off — I’m sure they have no problem getting various CEOs to give 30 seconds of advice — and hits their target audience right between the eyes. The addiction of short-form video snacking is in full grip here. Numerous brands trying to reach the business market could do this.


The latest in new media marketing strategies and tactics:

“Angry Birds” To Star in Super Bowl Ad

Not sure which is more remarkable. That a 99 cent social game for mobile phones is running a Super Bowl spot, or that said game is being turned into a movie. Seeing them embedding game play components into the commercial is cool — brings alternative tactics like that to the forefront given the global impact of the spot — even though that trick has been done before.

Facebook Introduces a Credibility Score With New Social Commenting Plugin

This is great news for brands hoping to attract quality engagement on their site and Facebook Pages. Anyone involved in monitoring Facebook Pages comments for brands has dealt with trolls. This tool is helping identify them, exposing their behavior to members of the community. This should also be functional on a brand’s site pages, and overall should lift the caliber of discussions on their Facebook-networked properties.

The Rise And Fall Of Content Farms

This article is a great read on why brands looking to create distinction should avoid the mass-generated content-farm approach. The bottom line is, Google has an entire building packed with PhDs presently trying to prevent this model from succeeding, because it’s not adding value to the search results driving their business . That may change, but it will likely mean changes to the current content farming business. The article’s comments are full of contrarian views, and I’m curious if it’s from some of those 380,000 writers at content farm Associated Content?

Apple, Campbell’s Say iAds Twice as Effective as TV – Advertising Age – Digital

Is anyone even remotely surprised by this? A new ad unit with unprecedented intrusiveness on a media device users are enamored with. Sounds a lot like the Internet and banner ads in, say, 1995. What this really supports is that companies should approach new media more aggressively overall.

Sequoia-Backed Hearsay Launches Social Media Platform For Corporations With Local Branches

A way for brands to manage social media across franchises makes a lot of sense. I’d guess this service takes off big.

Artist Heat Map Makes Music Discovery Visual

I’m a fan of Rhapsody, and one of my favorite features of the site is the module on an artists page where they show related artists who came before, during or after the artist your viewing. It gives a nice sense of relationship and lineage to the world of music. Hitlantic has essentially taken that and made it visual. It’s a little rough right now, but they’re still pre-VC funding (another example of how small creative groups are developing big ideas).

Coca-Cola Reveals 15 Finalists in Branded Mobile App Contest

This is an interesting idea, and I applaud Coca-Cola for taking the forward steps they have in the area of UGC. Now that UGC is moving past ads and into apps, though, I feel it’s taking on much bigger territory, and in addition to hiring an agency to develop your creative or running a contest, there’s a third option. Monitor what’s going on, and buy or coop it. Commercials are very limited in scope, and there certainly aren’t nearly as many people creating them as apps. Much of that is because there’s limited monetary up side to creating a commercial, unless you’re pursuing a career directing or producing them. But apps live in a much larger arena. Instead of throwing a UGC contest, which most people will tell you takes a lot of admin, why not monitor what’s going on and then work a deal with the developer, possibly even taking over the app for a reasonable buyout? With over 300,000 apps in the Apple store, there’s no shortage of talent to pull from.

CHART OF THE DAY: The Most Successful Facebook Ads

While data by industry leaves a lot of room for variance among creative executions, it’s interesting to note the general response rates. And while I’ll always have an issue with the Click-thru Rate metric, Facebook currently doesn’t feature view-thru data for their paid media ads.

DealExtreme: $93.60 M001 7″ Touch Screen Google Android 1.6 Tablet PC

Android tablets for under $100. This may be an extreme example right now, but it does indicate the direction things are going, and the growing commoditization of technology devices. No wonder Apple’s putting so much effort behind selling apps and not just the devices that display them.


The latest in new media marketing strategies and tactics:

TED Talks the Future of Advertising | Post Advertising

TED is looking for ad campaign submission that contain ‘ideas worth spreading’, their theme line.

Customers ask Taco Bell: Where’s the beef? | Buzz Study

A good look at how the recent clamor around whatever Taco Bell puts in their tacos looks from a conversation analysis standpoint. I’m actually surprised to see so much positive sentiment, but then again, there’s very little neutral sentiment, which often has the lion’s share. And overall, this obviously isn’t the type of conversation companies want to see revolving around their brands.

10 Mobile Trends for 2011

I’ve posted other mobile trends article before, but consider them all a good, quick perusal. The thing that always strikes me about the mobile market and it’s emergence is the parallel between it and the Web back in the 90s. Growth faster than many can keep up, lot’s of technical hurdles to overcome, and a lot of over-enthusiasm in some areas while at the end of the day big leaps in overall consumer behavior.

The Old Spice Guy Returns [VIDEO]

He’s baaaack. And not much indication of where this is going, although this certainly isn’t as out there as the previous campaign.

7 internet sins that could make you go viral with your friends –

While most brands would NEVER commit any of these errors, it’s good to note that — in an age when companies are trying to sound like people — some mistakes that people make. Of particular note is the Failbook mention. Definitely worth a trip over to that site.

Corona – A simple mobile app development platform

Last week i covered the 14 year old who’s gaming app knocked Angry Birds of the top spot in the Apple app store. I’ve seen several people inquire about what would be a good starter app to learn, or have their kids learn. This is the app the 14 year old learned, and apparently it’s very well designed. For one thing, look at the site design. it’s almost a page off the Apple site. The idea of a mobile platform development app looking like a consumer product page is striking, especially if you compare it to what most small, independent software sites have looked like over the past twenty years.

25 Years of Digital Vandalism –

There aren’t many who’ve been at the merger of technology and culture as completely as William Gibson has, and this is an interesting comparison of his fiction relative to reality when it comes to hacker culture. With technology being the great enabler it’s been over the past decade or two, it’s interesting to see him make the acknowledgement that he saw things as being more corporate driven, and that in reality much of what’s happened — at least in hacker culture — has been less about evil empires and more about random individuals.

Facebook’s Latest Acquisition Aimed at Improving Local Deals

If you want to know the future of new media advertising, look at the investments the leaders in the space are making. In this case, Facebook is throwing a lot behind the combo of local + social + targeted. This is a good read on how the rest of the industry is trying to beat them to this space.

Visits to Fell 14% in 2010 [STATS]

The chart looks smooth and not haphazard, but keep in mind there are a lot of ways people use Twitter well outside visiting (e.g., mobile, 3rd party apps). Looking at data on, it looks much more random. And I’m not always confident in Compete data, either. But this trend would be a sign of a maturing audience, and also indicate that many of those who came on board while Twitter was getting a lot of celebrity hype, may have decided Twitter isn’t really for them, and it’s going back to a more early adopter user base, which would explain the lower usage but with higher frequency and more efficiency.

Facebook – Display Advertising HowTo Videos

The display advertising side of Facebook is probably the most interesting thing happening in paid media right now, imo. Obviously it’s not the graphics or motion, but once you get under the hood are start looking at both the targeting capabilities and the various interactions you can employ, you can see how they’re charting some interesting new territory between paid and social media. Anyone who feels they’re not up to speed on digital marketing tactics should watch these videos.


The latest trends in social media and content marketing:

Airport Apps That Put You First in Line — Practical Traveler –

A good overview of some apps to get you through the holiday travels.

The Best Ideas Of 2010: Musicians Who Made Social Networking Work : The Record : NPR

The music industry presents a constant stream of social media marketing examples. NPR gives a good overview, with the underscore being that content is still, and probably always will be, king.

Merry Christmas from Lonely Planet: 13 free iPhone city guides |

A great way for Lonely Planet to market themselves — giving away a taste of the goods in the form of a holiday present. It’s the ultimate product sample, and costs them no more than the time to change the app prices to free and back.

Augmented Reality on Your Phone –

You’ve probably seen the Word Lens demo. If not, click the link in the first sentence. An augmented reality app that is the first one I’ve seen to be both functional and remarkably fluid. I love Yelp’s Monocle, but it’s doesn’t have anywhere near the responsiveness of this, and that’s a huge difference.

Imad Mouline: M-Commerce Has Arrived — Which Retailers Will Win?

I wouldn’t have expected 50% of consumers to say they’ll be doing some form of shopping from a mobile device, but it certainly accentuates the explosion in mobile we’ve been seeing this year. From there, the article reinforces the idea that even if you’re a retailer, your competitors may not just be other retailers, but anyone producing a good mobile experience in any area related to your industry. And that’s the content marketing opportunity for brands going forward.

Charting the Beatles

I like infographics, and I like the Beatles. So I really like this.


Very fun holiday card from Team One. And a great reminder that good ideas can come from simple technologies.

Google TV Faces Delays Amid Poor Reviews –

It’s the recurring battle of open vs. closed approaches to product development. Google tendencies to rush out half-baked products and let the market sort things out doesn’t work well when you have business partners with millions invested in your product experience and delivery time lines. That said, i still think Google TV, once refined, will make a serious impact on how the mainstream consumes content.


The latest trends in content development and social media:

Why the 5 “Best Internet Meme” Finalists Went Viral [INTERVIEWS]

It’s not easy explaining the success of viral memes, but these ponderings are a good attempt.

Have Mobile Apps Jumped the Shark? – MarketingVOX

I’ve posted several reports in the past 6 months or so that point to mobile apps as being a more challenging market than many would think. This certainly supports that. Of course, there’s a lot of major upside in the mobile market outside of apps.

How Online Reading Habits Have Changed Over 2010

While I always like a good read on developing trends, when they refer to Twitter as “the place to see breaking news”, you know they’re talking about the early adopter set. (Twitter, a Pew survey just revealed, is used by 6% of the entire adult population.)

Celebrities’ Internet “Deaths” Raise $1M for Charity

Not sure what this says about non-profit marketing, Twitter, celebrities, or even billionaires, but at least they reached their donation target. What’s most surprising to me is that this campaign received quite a lot of press, and still had a difficult time reaching their goal. Perhaps they were overly optimistic. But it’s funny that Usher couldn’t refrain from Twitter for even a week.

The Full List Of The Top iPhone And iPad Apps Of 2010

While everyone talks about mobile gaming as the big trend, the highest grossing iPad apps for the year are the very functional Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Of course, many game and other apps have been late to the iPad, and there’s plenty of time to catch up.

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange: The Hilariously Over-The-Top, Strange Animated Video

If this is the future of news, put on your seat belt. This is “train wreck” compelling. My favorite part is either Sarah Palin sitting on a rocker on her front porch, or the fact that the entire thing is in Japanese, except for the last line “Find out more on Facebook.”

Who Uses Twitter? Not My Techie, 30-Something Friends

A recent survey from Pew on who uses Twitter, and who doesn’t. The stats really don’t surprise me, based on my own informal surveys. Twitter is moving more to a content delivery platform, and for certain circles it’s a great way to get your information out there. But it’s clearly not anywhere near mainstream at this point.

Google Books “Whale Fail”

Have to say, a much more visually compelling whale than Twitter’s.

Nike LeBron Video Soars Again as Heat Meet Cavaliers – Advertising Age

More proof that there’s no such thing as bad press?


The latest trends in content development and social media:

Virgin Beats News Corp. with First Publication Made for iPad – Yahoo! News

Online content doesn’t care who or what type of brand you are. We’re going to start seeing more and more cases of aggressive marketers acting more like publishers than many publishers. Sure, many will fail, but the marketers that figure it out should make out quite well.

N.Zealand website defends topless breast cancer campaign – Yahoo! News

I can only imagine how much traffic this has driven to their site. The bigger question, of course: How many people are donating more than naked pics?

Eight Things I’m Sick Of In Social Media | Forrester Blogs

I’m digging Augie Ray’s writing more and more, and this one is right on.

For DecorMyEyes, Bad Publicity Is a Good Thing –

Must-read story about the absurd business practice of generating bad publicity to increase your Google search rankings. Google has already moved to address this issue.

Google’s “Gold Standard” Search Results Take Big Hit In New York Times Story

Danny Sullivan’s take on the NY Times story about a business intentionally trying to generate negative reviews for SEO ranking benefits. Danny’s right in saying this is a short term win, and not really a long-term sustainable business model. Sure enough, Google has already moved to fix this. The bottom line is, creating a positive experience online is always going to trump trying to goose the system, no matter how minimal or absurd that approach is.

ItsMyUrl Puts Your Whole Online ID into a Barcode

I’ve been a little surprised the use of QR codes hasn’t taken off more. Perhaps mobile smartphone use is still in a relatively infant stage. Whatever the case, we’re seeing a lot of different techs based around the idea that taking a photo is easier than entering text (think Google’s new Goggles). And as mobile phone cameras get better, and faster, and mobile data speeds and processors get faster, grabbing info off a QR code is going to get better and better.

Google Earth 6: Here’s What’s New

While most people are talking about 3D trees in the new Google Earth, I think the historical imagery is much more interesting.

6 Free iPad Apps for Planning Your Next Vacation

If you work in the travel industry, these are some apps worth noting. And perhaps what’s more worth noting is that while several of these apps are nice, there would seem to be a lot of room for new content in this category.


The latest in content development trends for digital marketing:

Twitter and the Future of TV

Some good examples cited on how Twitter is impacting TV viewing, forging trends in the social viewing space. There have been a lot of social viewing apps roll out, but they all seem to lack the big missing ingredient in social media: Audience size. Twitter has that, although it’s a scattered and primarily one-directional communication. What I like about the show examples is they’re creating a sense of personalization despite Twitter’s mass media platform, not unlike the way celebrities have been using it.

Wearable Cameras Move Beyond Sports to the Mainstream –

A couple of remarkable features from the new Looxcie ‘wearable’ camera. It clips on your ear and records video, sending it to an Android phone. And it has a 30 second buffer, so you can keep it on, and if you see something happen, you can push a button and grab the past 30 seconds of footage. A lot of opportunities here for marketers looking for new angles on content development.

YouTube to Launch New Discovery Tool Tonight; Here Comes Extreme Ironing

If you think YouTube has saturated the public taste for bizarre video, it’s more like they’re just ramping up. You have to read about these various types of video content to believe it. Not only is there a series of ‘extreme ironing”, there are subgenres, like “underwater extreme ironing” and “skydiving extreme ironing”. And YouTube is going to help us sift through all this with a new feature, YouTube Topics. If you’re a brand and thinking all the good content opportunities are taken — even in video — you might want to rethink that. Or at least hire some good creative thinkers.

SkyFire Pulls In Nearly $1 Million In Its First Weekend On The App Store

Generally I don’t recommend large brands get into the app game to create a new direct revenue stream. But this example certainly points to a lot of opportunity. The big differentiator here is, in addition to a product with an obvious appeal to many iPhone users (it plays Flash files on the iPhone in a rather clever manner), they’ve been generating good buzz, and for quite a while. So while it may seem like an overnight success, the company has been producing products, and generating buzz, that paved the path for this type of explosive sales growth.

The Dangers of Content Marketing on Facebook | Geoff Livingston’s Blog

This is a great point to be aware of, but it’s also one of those areas that brands simply have to look at practically. Facebook wants rights to posted content to protect themselves from an image showing up in an ad, presentation, or whatever, and then them getting sued for not ‘owning’ it. But the author’s point is correct for additional purposes. Most brands should not rely on a social media property they don’t own for their ongoing content development programs. For one, if their content is worthwhile (and not completely tied to the social network experience), then they should be featuring it on their own site as well. And secondly, even the most powerful social networks have no guarantee of longevity. Think MySpace.

Facebook Serves Nearly a Fourth of U.S. Display Ads | ClickZ

Facebook’s volume puts them at number one, more than twice as much volume as Yahoo, the runner up. This from a company that several years ago didn’t have much of an ad program. What I’m both hearing and seeing is that Facebook doesn’t necessarily drive the highest response rates, but their cost-per-click number are very strong. And of course, the farther down the conversion path you take the metrics, the more important the numbers are to advertisers.

1.0 Is the Loneliest Number — Matt Mullenweg

The idea of agile development has been slow to take off in marketing, and it’s understandable, given that marketing itself is a rather agile process. But I think as content development starts to play a larger role in company’s marketing efforts, it’s going to be a feasible approach for a range of content efforts. This is a great take on what that process can be like.

Even Merton Hasn’t Been On Chatroulette In Months

Great story on Merton, who’s probably the best thing to ever happen on Chatroulette. The video of his Chatroulette performances is a must see.

Attention Hockey Fans! Watch the NHL on Roku, Boxee & More

Having long ago cut the cable, and tiring of TV hacks like Ustream for watching Monday Night Football, I applaud the NHLs efforts in taking their content to the audience.


The latest in content development trends for digital marketing:

Adverblog: Nike “Who follows who?” challenge

An interesting idea. Use Twitter to gauge how well you do among your Followers in a 10k race. The explanation in this video could have been a little clearer, perhaps, but it’s a nice way to use Twitter to generate exposure for the race. Of course, by the time these efforts appear on Twitter, the race will already be underway. But Nike will benefit from this through longer-term branding.

Will Location-Based Services Ever Go Mainstream?: Tech News

Having tried about every location-based services, and then made the transition to Facebook Places, I relate to the article’s headline. I find location-based services more like a quirky game or functional way of tracking the places I visit in a different city, than a practical solution to a real problem in life. For me, if they could just connect Yelp with my friends on Facebook, that would be the most practical location-based service I’d use on a somewhat regular basis.

The Complete Business Guide To Facebook Deals

Probably the most interesting news on social media for retailers that I’ve heard in a while. One of the big challenges in social media is getting brand loyalists to share their brand purchases and interactions. This gives companies an easy way to make that happen, and also ties incentives directly to the process. Without having explored this in depth, my guess is that that will also help with any ROI calculations around the project.

Is Canvas the new Flash?

An interesting perspective on the Flash issue. The issue being more about the consumption of CPU and battery power, than simply Flash crashing browsers. As more and more computing becomes mobile, thus relying on battery life, this could be a far bigger issue than stability problems.

10 Facebook Pages Every New England Patriots Fan Should Follow

The story here is how diversified Facebook content is becoming, exemplified by the numerous Pages dedicated to the Patriots, each from a slightly different angle. Brands marketing to a given target audience need to take into account all the various communities, often employing segmented strategies and tactics for connecting with each group.

Verify: Get Feedback On Your Site When It’s Still Just A Mockup

I really like this solution for testing Website designs before the page goes live.

If You’re Not in Pain, You’re Not in an Emerging Market

Reading this report from the trenches of business multi-culturalism, I see a lot of parallels to what it takes to be on the leading edge of new media marketing. It’s not always a pretty, paved path, but if you want the real big opportunities, both for your career and your company’s marketing efficiencies, it’s a place you have to be and figure out.

How Apple Cracked the Top 5 in Global Handsets: Tech News

I talk a lot about the importance of good user experience design. And the foundation of Apple’s meteoric rise in the mobile space has been all about creating a better user experience. Even in a crowded marketplace, offering customers a better experience is an enormous competitive advantage.

Advertising Lab: Filter Out Content Farms from Search Results

This is a small but potentially big story in terms of the benefits of content development for brands. More than anything, this seeks to place emphasis on content development with real value, versus the web filler garbage that many companies are currently putting out.

Nice Move, Google — What Took You So Long?: Tech News

Great perspective on the data wars, particularly between Google and Facebook. I agree with Google’s vision of openness, because it’s both the best situation for consumers, and for interactive marketers.

Gang war? The death of premium publishers? The evolution of ad networks? Or, just dinner discussion on DSPs. – IABlog

The issue around DSPs (Demand Side Platforms), is shaping up as a conversation around branding vs. direct response. But it’s not really that black and white. When you bring content development into the picture, suddenly you have an enormous branding component that’s in need of visitors. And how you get those visitors, and what the response rates are around those efforts, is a conversation that starts to look a lot more direct response than branding. Paid media has long been thinking as if the brand and DR conversation was all about the paid media process, but really, paid media is just a part of a bigger picture. And anyone planning for branding efforts needs to understand the experiential part of the process.


The latest in content development trends for digital marketing:

Five Great Styled Maps Examples

If you think maps have to look boring, check out these stylized Google maps.

5 Innovative Uses of an API [Mashable Awards]

Perhaps as interesting as the API capabilities are the stories around them.

The 25 Most Liked Pages on Facebook, Fall 2010

A couple of things I find remarkable. 4 of the top 25 are non-entertainment brands (well, YouTube is sort of non-entertainment). But perhaps most amazing is that Oreo’s was in the top 25. That’s unreal when you think of all the sports, entertainment and celebrity brands they’re competing with.

The Commuter: A Short Film Shot Entirely With the Nokia N8

Given this was shot on a phone, it’s pretty amazing.

Survey Finds College Students Love Laptops But Not eReaders, Facebook But Not Twitter

I’m not sure how much college students reflect the rest of the country, or even the future of things, given it’s such an isolated time in life (and beautifully so). But what I do find interesting is their use of social media. Almost entirely Facebook, and for primarily social reasons. As many who use Twitter know, it’s a powerful outreach vehicle, but isn’t designed for ongoing communication. And given Twitter’s push towards mass push communications, things will probably stay that way.

Connect Your Car to the Web With AutoBot

This is a great idea, and I’m again surprised one of the car companies, with all their R&D resources, doesn’t do something like this. It would be a great CRM vehicle (sorry) to their customers, display some innovative thinking, and get them a lot of good press.

How to Design a Great User Interface | Webdesigner Depot

User Experience seems like that last frontier of marketing. At least it’s where I see some of the most powerful ideas crumble in a mass of user confusion. You don’t have to be a UX designer to benefit from this. In fact, it’s something the entire company should be aware of.

Mint Data Delivers A View Into The Spending Habits Of Its 4 Million Users

Over the next few years, the concept of content and what it entails is going to be thoroughly explored. One area where I think a lot of companies will find valuable outreach opportunities is in sharing their information. Sometimes information may have even felt was sensitive. But information works for companies in a number of ways. It establishes authority on a subject through insights around their market. And it often makes great buzz-worthy content (note the Mint example here). Naturally you want to avoid giving competitors the keys to your kingdom, but a little information can build a good story. And that’s what good content is.

Five Steps to Unlock the Art and Science of Dynamic Content « Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

An outline of what makes good content. The bottom line is, it has to be fresh and it has to be quality. Anything that isn’t either one of those, consumers can smell a mile away.

Seth’s Blog: I spread your idea because…

Seth writes a list of ideas that remind us people share content and stories for a wide variety of reasons.

AppMakr Raises $1 Million To Help You Build Custom iPhone Apps

If you haven’t heard of AppMakr, this is probably a good time to give it a try. They’ve already built one of the simplest tools for building iPhone apps, and with this latest round of funding, there’s sure to be more features and capabilities.

Why Social Media Is Perfect for Brand Ambassador Campaigns

What I really like about these campaigns is how organic they feel. And that’s ultimately what content development needs to generate. A sense of truth and authenticity about the brand, with the content demonstrating the brand’s qualities instead of trying to push a message that the audience, and often the company itself, doesn’t really buy.


The latest in content development trends for digital marketing:

Ads Drive the Most “Likes” for Brands on Facebook [STUDY]

going by the wayside. In fact, when tightly aligned with content development efforts, it should be even more effective, as you’ll have both tighter continuity between your advertising and your real brand experience. You’ll also have a likely stronger conversion offering, as content is one of the big reasons for anyone following, or Liking, a brand.

An iPhone app’s real money returns

There’s a lot of curiosity out there around how much you can make from a mobile app, so it’s nice to see someone spit out some hard numbers. These aren’t enormous figures, either. While it will certainly squeeze small developers, there’s a big opportunity for brands to develop many of these apps. Or even buy them out from existing developers, and rebrand the app. For many apps, the real value is in the concept. The backend technologies can easily be replicated, and user experiences can be greatly improved through time and access to good creatives. Both of those are areas brands should be able to excel in. And by pricing them at free, brands can increase the odds of both existing and new customers participating in a tight brand experience.

Understanding How and Why Facebook Users Interact with Brands

As more stats come on Facebook usage, we’re seeing that consumers are not only open to ongoing communications with brand Pages, but they seek out the content. And it’s not surprising that the majority of them are looking for sales and promotions. As brand loyalists, they should be the first to know about any special deals or limited supply merchandise. And close behind the % who want promotions is people looking for good content, often in the form of entertainment. This is both the big opportunity for brands, and where many of them could completely lose it. If they take their fans for granted, or don’t spend enough effort understanding their customer’s content interests, it’s easy for them to move their relationship to another brand.

RareWire – iPad content development platform

While much of this demo is targeted to the publishing industry, i think there’s a big opportunity for brands to put various types of information into this format. From an auto company’s brochures, to a store’s catalog, to a hotel’s guest guide. It’s an impressive demonstration, especially considering publishing from a PDF is a matter of a day or two. Techs like this could breathe new life into PDFs.

Google Engineer Builds Facebook Disconnect

While the creator of this Chrome browser extension explicitly states that this wasn’t backed by his employer, Google, it brings up an interesting situation. The idea of companies creating tools and apps that help people stop using their competitors products. And while I’d advise any brand out there to focus on what they can do to be better, versus a more negative approach, in a crowdsourcing world where large brands can probably find someone out there to build something like this, it could introduce some pretty ugly scenarios.

Marketing: Mobile to Become a $1 Billion Business in U.S. – Advertising Age

There aren’t many categories in this economy with growth charts like this. What’s also interesting — and a big plus for creative marketers — is that mobile display advertising is slated to surpass text messaging in revenues this year. Text advertising, by it’s very intrusiveness, has limited capacity, so my guess is display will pass it convincingly.

5 Mobile User Experiences That Wowed Us in 2010 [Mashable Awards

Good examples of mobile experiences across a number of industry categories.

It’s On: Google Launches Demo Slam

Lodged somewhere between absurdist humor and functional product demonstration, I seriously like the understatement that product demo’s don’t have to be dry as burnt toast. The two I saw were both highly memorable.

5 Lessons Learned from Angry Birds Launch on Android: Tech News

It’s interesting to note that iPhone users don’t seem to be clicking on ads the same rate that Android users are, although they don’t qualify that claim. More impacting is the hassle with which developers go through in Q/A for the various Android devices, which are seeing more and more fragmentation as the platform continues growth. Looking at past parallels, that fragmentation didn’t stop Windows from blowing away Mac years ago. But that also had a big difference in that Windows gained an early platform lead. iPhone still has more overall users than Android, but recent trends have Android selling more phones per quarter.

First Look: Starbucks Digital Network Is Here

The description of this as the digital version of the community cork board in their stores is a great vision for where this will go. Right now, it doesn’t seem to have the localization of that cork board, but then again, they’ve just rolled it out, and it makes sense to roll out with content of national interest for the efficiencies of scale. I like the explanation for why they’re doing this. To create engagement, because consumers have a choice. Whether you call it engagement, experiential marketing, or content development, the principle is the same. This is the way marketers are now choosing to make an impact with their current and potential customers.