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News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

How Gymkhana 5 was made for under $1m

10 minutes of stunt driving video shot during the day in SF for under $1m. Amazing.

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Is the Internet Killing Advertising Creativity?

A piece written by a lawyer. I would guess lawyers have killed more creative than the Internet :|

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How Blank Display Ads Managed to Tot Up Some Impressive Numbers

What’s stands out to me is that they create a bogus, blank ad and have the clickers actually responded to an inquiry on the ad asking why they clicked. They said out of curiosity. That means a significant portion of them noticed the unique ad, and actually took action. At least it confirms that distinct creative gets noticed.

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Google’s Interactive Calculator

Go to Google and search “2+2″ and see what happens.

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Social Media Revenue Booms, Led by Ads

Good news in the social media space.

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Facebook to introduce sponsored results in search typeahead

Facebook’s making several moves into the search space. They certainly must be getting a lot of search traffic. Most interesting is that they’re allowing direct bidding against competitor pages and apps.

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Yes, Google, Do What You Can and Save Us From Wretched Infographics

WhenThe Atlanticstarts screaming for an end to Infographics, you know they’ve cleared the shark.


News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

Virtual fitting rooms changing the clothes shopping experience

If you’ve every worked in fashion e-commerce, you know the potential impact this has. This could dramatically improve online shopping experience for consumers, and the profitability of it for retailers.

If Content Really Is King, Then Madison Avenue’s May Be Facing $3 Bil Digital Ransom

This should get interesting.

The No. 1 Concern of Digital Marketers: ROI

The biggest challenge with ROI is that it’s difficult to get accurate views of long term effects, and social media is a long term play. That’s why ROI calculations that use short term data often look less than convincing. But that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t working.

Kickstarter: Crowdfunding Platform Or Reality Show?

There are some interesting stats in here on the percentages of Kickstarter projects that get launched on time (about 25% of their test market) or that launch within 8 months (75%). That may seem low, but it also seems like most projects backed by even large corporations frequently hit snags and delays. Given that Kickstarter projects are people with little business or operational experience, those numbers don’t seem that absurd.

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The NYT’s & WSJ’s Push To Online Video

A high level view of how two media giants are approaching the same issue. It’s interesting to note that while the Journal is emphasizing their ‘live’ video content, most of their views come from on-demand after the original content has been edited down and posted.


News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

Has Nick Denton really reinvented comments?

The answer, it turns out, is ‘No’. However, it’s an interesting article tapping into a major question around conversation and community engagement.

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NBC and Facebook to Announce Olympics Partnership

If you doubt the value of Facebook data, consider that NBC will be essentially devoting a chunk of their valuable media time to promote Facebook, in exchange for Facebook data around their Olympics broadcast.

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Cleaning Up the Seedy World of Apps, Facebook Style

More news that demonstrates the power of Facebook’s data. This approach is very badly needed, and also exposes the vulnerability of companies (like Apple), who in many ways continue to operate along traditional lines of communication.

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1939 World Series color footage

A bit OT for a digital marketing blog, but I found this quite moving. Feels oddly modern and vintage at the same time.

The Big Data Playbook for Digital Agencies

Big data, big opportunities for agencies.

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The 11 Ways That Consumers Are Hopeless at Math

Funny and informative look at the psychology of buying.

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2012 Summer Olympics Facebook Timeline

A lot of interesting news bits leading up to the big events.

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News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

Pinstagram And The Rise Of Mash-Up Apps

Funny take on this mashup. Great example of how fast people work to make things like this happen.

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Internet Trolls: Disconnect and Reflect on Alan Turing

Touching piece about crowd behavior.

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Shazam’s App To Expand Olympic TV Spots Into Social Media Experiences

Shazam has been one of those apps that the first time people saw it, their eyes lit up. A great, simple UX. It’s interesting to see how they’re applying their basic technology in new areas.

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Why Startups Don’t Like Working With Agencies

A good POV. There’s most certainly a difference between a typical agency client spending millions on paid media with a startup, even one with funding.

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Getting the Most Out of Facebook Ads

The bottom line is, you have a dig a little to get to better targeting.

55% Of Cell Users Access Mobile Web

Given the continuing popularity of smartphones, this really shouldn’t be surprising.


News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

The title’s in jest, as this is really a good overview for anyone. Few brands will do all of this, but I really like the timeline orientation of the various disciplines. It’s very much how online marketing should be viewed.

P&G’s Content Marketing Strategy for the Olympics

This is a smart high-level view of their Olympics marketing effort. Given content marketing’s recency (check it out on Google Trends), there’s a lot of evolution that’s going to take place.

B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Really well-thought-out downloadable PDF.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Sharing Habits, U.S. Vs. Europe

Interesting, although not as one-sided as I may have guessed.

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105 Facebook Advertising Case Studies

This is a pretty remarkable list.

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Digital Media’s Ever-Swifter Incursion

Great coverage by the NY Times of the launch of Huffington and the current state of magazine publishing. Killer line in this article: “Mr. Jobs may be gone, but he is still winning arguments.” A must read.

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How to Avoid the Content Marketing Strategy Trap: An Interview with Scott Abel

A long transcription of a podcast, also available via MP3. I’d go that route. There’s a lot of info, but I really like his push for the need to simplification. Here’s the interviewee, talking about Apple’s iPhone launch as an example of a successful content marketing strategy: “So, their strategy was minimize the amount of collateral we need to create. Create something that can hit multiple audiences for multiple intent, which then, of course, reduces downstream costs.”

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Caribou Coffee Revels in Its Role as the Little Guy

It’s always interesting when David takes on Golliath. Here’s what David’s saying in this case: “We’ve found that digital platforms are much more cost-efficient in getting impressions,” said Mr. Martel “To try and compete with McDonald’s and massive broadcast marketers — we’re not going to win that game, so we have to fight a smarter fight. Relevance of message is clearly better achieved through digital and social, as well as the ability to have a conversation. … [You] can have folks give you immediate feedback,” he said.

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News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

Translate Your Words Into Google Images

This is impressive. Take any string of words and ‘translate’ it into the corresponding Google images. The link is to an example with Adele’s “Someone Like You”, but definitely click thru to the actual tool.

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Professional Photographer Creates ConditionOne, A 180-Degree Video Player For iPad, iPhone

This is perhaps most incredible because it doesn’t require any additional apps or software. I also like how it takes something as simple and engaging as film and makes it an interactive experience in such a fluid way.

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Facebook-Apple Integration: Now What?

A funny take on the partnership.

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My Name Is The Internet And I Have A Thing About Boobs


Why the World’s Most Perfect News Tweet Is Kind of Boring

Interesting study. Of course, the marketer’s challenge is, How do you know what will work when all your posts are from the same source, mentioning the same brand, within the same product category. That’s the challenge for Facebook marketers.

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Can We Please Move Past Apple’s Silly, Faux-Real UIs?

I’ve never been a fan of the faux-real thing anywhere. Especially websites.

 3 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes Everyone is Making

If you’re running Facebook ads, read this just to make sure. They’re core fundamentals.

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News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

Photojournalism with Hipstamatic

This is sure to rev up the purists in the photojounalism ranks. Most interesting to me is the idea that an iPhone app that’s something of a fun toy is applied to photojournalism. Maybe the ultimate statement is that that’s how technically-advanced our mobile phone cameras have become. I have to wonder how many shots he’ll lose to blur, though.

11 Shocking New Social Media Statistics in America

The team at Edison Research has put together a comprehensive study around social media. Jay Baer does his usual great job of identifying the most impacting points.

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NOW Do You Hate the Click?

If you’re not that familiar with the history of the banner and the click-thru rate (CTR) as it’s key metric, just know to be very careful with the metrics that get applied to marketing initiatives. The online banner industry is still suffering from people latching onto the CTR as the primary method for campaign evaluation, with no sign of change, despite numerous other (read: better) ways to measure campaign performance. Choose your metrics wisely.

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32 Innovations that will change your tomorrow

I haven’t posted much about “the Internet of things” lately, but this is right up that alley. Many of these ideas are tied directly to smarter products. Also, note how as you scroll down the page, the background gradually changes. Nice visual touch.

Content Marketing as a “Force Multiplier”

Excellent support for strong content marketing initiatives.

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Get Your Brand Off the Screen and Into the Third Dimension

A good reminder that branding is a lot more than a well-crafted message.

Tokyo Subway Straps Send Ads to Your Smartphone

Sneak peak into the future of mobile and near field communications (NFC).

Is Google Running Away With Ad Tech?

Google gets a lot of flack for dropping the ball on social media, but they’re far from asleep, and making serious moves in other areas of advertising (areas, I might add, that are proven revenue generators).

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News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

Facebook Ads, Do They Work or Is GM Being Rash? Wrong Questions.

More thoughts on the GM/Facebook issue. This article makes a lot of points, but what I find most interesting is that Facebook continues to spend significantly on Facebook content ($30m/year), and Facebook paid advertising is designed to help them leverage that content investment. I don’t see how dropping the paid media component fits with their long-term Facebook strategy, unless it’s simply a temporary regrouping to get their paid media strategy tighter.

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Facebook Adds Post Scheduling For Pages

This should be great news for smaller businesses, many of whom use Facebook as their primary social media network.

Facebook introduces 5 tiers of page admin access

One of the most clearly-explained developments from Facebook in a while. This really makes sense, and I especially like how they’ve segmented the users.

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Brands Step Up Open Graph Efforts on Facebook

Why integrating Open Graph on your site is ultimately better than just going for page likes.

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Clive Thompson on 3-D Printing’s Legal Morass

3-D printing has to be one of the most remarkable consumer technologies on the horizon.

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‘Google Book’ Provides an Image for Every Word in the Dictionary

This is very clever. Be sure to watch the video. 5 seconds in and you’ll get it. Note the simplicity of code in developing this. It was all about the idea.

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Facebook IPO Post Mortem – Killer – but not for the reasons you think !

Love this from Mark Cuban. First he bags on the Facebook IPO, then at the very end he let’s you know “Oh, by the way, I just bought $4.8m worth of FB stock.

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Food Bank Foundation: “Hunger Delivery”

Provocative campaign from TBWA in Paraguay. Great courage by both the agency and the client in taking this bold step.

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News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

The Engagement Problem

GMs pulling out of Facebook created quite a dust up. Here’s the rational, 10,000 foot view pov.

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Facebook Trivia: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Social Network

My favorite: One in every five page views in the US is on Facebook.

Facebook Launches Promoted Posts, Pay As Little As $5 For More Fans To See Page Content

This just broke today, and this is a good overview of how to use it.

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‘iQ by Intel’ – experimental online magazine curated by a workforce of thousands

An excellent example of how large companies can utilize their large staffs to deliver relevant, compelling content. Be sure to click through to see the actual Intel publication, “iQ”.

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Upside Down Apple Logo

This captures what I find to be one of the biggest question I come across regarding UX issues: At what point in the user’s product use cycle do you focus on. The early impression stage or the highly-experienced user.

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Fast Company: 20 Top Insights For Creating Appealing Content

A series of good quotes on content development.

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A Simple Plan for Writing One Powerful Piece of Online Content per Week

What marketer doesn’t feel like they should be publishing more these days. I really like how the writer lays out a simple formula for taking that critical first step towards doing that.

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To Get To The Root Of A Hard Problem, Just Ask “Why” Five Times

Solutions to problems, or even finding the solutions to problems, doesn’t have to be complicated.


Links pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

In a SoHo Lab, HuffPo Mafia rekindles the old magic

A story not only about how corporate dysfunction is killing the creative spirit, but also about how easy it is for the creative thinkers to find a different path. Like water running downhill.

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GM Cuts Facebook Ad Spending, But Ford Steps on the Gas

Clearly GMs move wasn’t the last word on this issue. But what’s hidden in many of the articles I’ve read is that GM is still pouring a lot of money into Facebook content creation. They may have come in with a bad direct response mindset thinking they could spin Facebook ads into gold, but the fact that they’re still spending considerable sums on their Facebook pages content shows they aren’t anywhere near giving up on Facebook.

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Facebook’s Purchases May Hint at Its Future

This really demonstrates the challenges so many large companies are having keeping up. Companies like Facebook are foregoing much of the typical legwork around acquisitions, playing things more from the gut. Of course, the story isn’t over yet, but in the meanwhile, with Facebook able to make large acquisitions like Instagram quickly, it’s making things difficult for their less-nimble competitors.

How Users Are App-ifying The Web, With or Without Publishers

This app vs web story has been an interesting one, and as the article points out, it’s not shaking out the way either side thought. Another example of how lowering production and startup costs add constant forks in the pathway of technology.

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What the Web Could Learn From Dawn of TV

Despite the relative recency of mass communications, it’s remarkable how cyclical they are. Mobile is following so many of the same routes Web 1.0 took. This article draws the parallels between online video content, and the early days of TV.

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Facebook giveth, Facebook taketh: A curious case of video apps

Whether or not you saw the NY Times article about Facebook’s ability to predict the future of apps, this is a good alternate view.

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Twitter Campaign Donates Your Unused Characters

Another example of advertising seeping into every nook and cranny it can find.

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