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10 links that point to the future of marketing:

Facebook Users With High Self-Esteem Prefer Targeted Ads @PSFK

So would ads that try to create a need by making the viewer feel lacking or inadequate be better off on a friend’s page? Interesting psychology going on here.
From @johnboese

Of Rogues and Gentlemen — New blog from Brooks Brothers

In the world of content marketing, blogs could be making a comeback. Especially for retail companies that need to push new products and promotions heavily on their website.
From @mrstephenbeck

This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids | …

Love this installation art piece. Great way for a museum to connect with kids.
From felipe.bascope

Model Stars As Alexander Olch In Necktie Tutorial | NewMediaRockstars

I like this simple piece of content. It’s both fun and informative, in a pretty fluid way. The model is certainly going to add to the budget, but she also sets them up for a good amount of buzz, as well.

When the Car Radio Was Introduced, People Freaked Out – Mental Floss

Interesting story about the onset of car radios and the danger they seemed to impose. I’m not advocating texting-while-driving, but this simply shows how technologies, and our facility with them, both improve over time to change the situation.

What Are The Core Principles of Collaboration?

Good example of what really drives social behavior. Success to those who play the game well.
From @Britopian

Analyst Chetan Sharma Lays the Roadmap For Mobile In 2012

A survey on mobile trends from one of the industry’s best analysts, only this time he’s turned and surveyed those he most respects. Most surprising? That mobile advertising won’t be as hot as many might think.

Report Shows Social and Mobile Converging | Business 2 Community

According to this, social media is the #2 mobile activity. That’s partly the result of vast improvements in social media wap sites and apps.
From @mariapoveromo

Data: Composition of a Corporate Social Media Team « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Ow…

As more business units want to own parts of the social media program (just like home page real estate), the key division in this org chart is the split between community and business unit managers.

Writers Block? Try this Quick Tip

This is pretty clever, and while it’s aimed for bloggers, I think it applies to the content generation space in general.
From @socialfresh


10 links that point to the future of marketing:

Introducing Timeline

Timeline looks great so far, and this video is a great start to understanding it. It’s really about making your life look like a great adventure, and it’s a far more emotional view of someone’s life than we’ve seen in the past with things like the Info tab. Visuals really dominate the timeline, both in terms of real estate and interest. It will be interesting to watch how Facebook tweaks the relationship between the various Timeline elements going forward.

Facebook Launches Timeline Profiles Today [UPDATED]

Some more good tips on Timeline and how to dive in.

The future of shopping is social | Feature | .net magazine

I’m convinced Facebook commerce (or Fcommerce) is going to be big. This is a very thorough and insightful analysis of where the industry is currently. The big takeaway is, there are a lot of different Fcommerce features, and no single setup is going to be right for every industry or community. As always, it’s going to come down to how well you know your customer.

Inside Facebook · Facebook Testing New Coupon Posts and Ads

These coupons are closely tied to other Fcommerce efforts on the rise. All of this is going to add new emphasis on evaluating the real value of a Facebook community. It’s also going to provide a lot of access to data that will help answer that question.

Forget Content Curation, Focus on Original Content in 2012

In total agreement with this. Sure, curation’s great, but everywhere I go I see brands and people curating content. What really makes an impression is original content. It’s harder to do well, and that’s why it works better.

The 50 Funniest Tweets Of 2011 | Happy Place

Great content is even better when it’s really, really short. As in 140 characters.

Here’s What People Look at on Facebook Brand Pages

The Wall is where people are looking, and in the Wall, images perform the best. No major surprises, but it does underscore that people come to a brand’s page to see what’s going on. It’s the brand’s job to make their page as dynamic as possible.

U.S. Teens Triple Data Usage | TechCrunch

An average of 3,417 text messages per teen in Q3 2011. As the author states, “Um, WOW!”

No Timeline Pages for Brands Yet, Facebook Says

“Yet” is the operative word here. The timeline creates a far more emotionally powerful presentation of whom or whatever it’s for. What marketer wouldn’t want that for their brand. And of course, Facebook is wanting to gunning for their IPO, and appealing to brands is a big part of that story.

Digiday – Why Agency Creatives Have Fallen Hard for Tumblr

Tumblr has consistently crept up to be the 5th largest social media network, according to the latest comScore data. There’s a reason. It fills a great niche that the real content creators like — an easy way to post rich content and attract a large audience.


Ten links that point to the future of marketing:

15 Songs That Defined the Sound of Apple Marketing

Apple’s advertising over the past ten years pretty much defines what great brand messaging is about. This is a fun recap of songs that are still stuck in my head.

Why smart brands embrace digital content marketing –

There’s a reason that in a recent Roper survey 9 our of 10 CMOs felt that content marketing is the future of advertising.

Wal-Mart to localize offers for Facebook fans –

More ways that Facebook is setting itself up nicely for ecommerce. This local angle should be particularly lucrative, as much of the data Facebook has on people is about local preferences and activities.

How Facebook’s Page Insights Got Cooler: Infographic

What’s readily apparent is that Facebook is expanding the idea of what engagement means. This should lead to a clearer idea as to why people are interacting with a brand’s content.

HSN Partners with Paramount to Sell ‘Footloose’ Fashions  – Advertising Age

Companies are needing to look everywhere for revenue opportunities. This one makes pretty much sense except I’m not sure how much the “Footloose” target audience spends on HSN. Maybe a lot.

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 5 in Seven Minutes

Overall the theme seems to be saving people time by reducing the steps and configurations required to do things. That’s a great direction to move in.

US Intelligence Mining Your Social Network Data – Slashdot

Just so you know.

Ebay’s New Platform Uses Facebook Open Graph

Ebay get’s added promotion for it’s merchandise across Facebook, and Facebook gets more shopper preference data for it’s ad targeting.

iPads Now Driving More Web Traffic Than iPhones

More stats on what a lot of past data has been indicating. That tablet users are pouring through online content far more than they do on either of their other devices, a computer of mobile phone.

The Return of Real-Time Social Environments

A quick overview of the latest avatar-driven experiences. I think the avatar experience has very limited appeal, and if anything really demonstrated the potential future, it’s Microsoft’s Kinect. Of course, these experiences require much less cost and effort that Kinect. I’m just not sure that’s enough.