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10 links that point towards the future of marketing:

The Importance of Being Awesome

It’s been said before, but knowing what type of content works, or is awesome, has to be a major strategic and communication goal for brands.

Streamglider Takes On Flipboard And Pulse With Sleek Social Interest

Given how new iPad publishing is, there’s going to be a lot of room for improvement. This is one iPad app for social news that I’ll be checking out over the holidays.

Social networking booming in Egypt, Russia, survey finds –

Reading this only confirms the sense that there’s still a big gap in the social scene for a much simpler (read: text-like) social format that appeals to the smartphone-less set, a far larger group than those who own smartphones.

Five Social Media Books you Should Read

Some books to read while you’re digesting the turkey.

Will Mobile Rule the World in 2012? via @PostAdvertising

Some good examples of peak developments on the mobile front.

NASA’s Virtual Snow Globe Looks at 10 Years of the White Stuff

An interesting composite of NASA video. This feels like something a a moving infographic and time lapse cinematography.

How to design your presentations for social sharing

The idea of making any form of content primed for social sharing should be a standard approach to any brand’s message development.

What You Need to Know About YouTube’s New Analytics Program

I really like the Audience Retention data — showing you where viewers drop off in a video. I’m surprised YouTube didn’t roll that out years ago.

Your Twitter Stream Is Boring Me To Tears. Stop It.


Google+ Brand Pages Begin Showing Up in Primary Search Results

While Facebook currently seems to own the future of social search, Google has been far more innovative in pushing search ahead. Facebook might be well off to hire a few Googlers to help push their search innovation.