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Links pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

Facebook Relaunches Its Ad Platform, Says Brand Pages Are at the Center

A good overview of the changes Facebook announced at FMC yesterday.

Coke: A good example of a brand using the new Facebook Timeline

In the timeline, go clear back to the founding and note the 1886 post from the founder. Also note the range of visuals they’re using up and down their timeline to tell a complete story about the product.

Via @learmonth

Captain Morgan: Another good example of a brand using the new Facebook Timeline

As you scroll down the page, you’ll see how brands can use imagery to create a far more dynamic looking page than previously possible.

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Facebook’s Brand Timeline Can Be Bridge to the Millennials | CMO Strategy

As this article points out, Facebook isn’t really giving brands much of a choice about how they’re going to market themselves on Facebook. It’s going to be content-driven, and brands can no longer turn off fans commenting on their page. The CMOs job is then to figure out how to make the brand stand for something when that something isn’t a handful of carefully crafted messages, but rather an ongoing stream of two-way conversations.

How Facebook Friended Ford to Make a “Social” Car

Ford and Facebook working together in a hackathon. I think the key here is Facebook is working with Ford because Ford has developed SYNC, an in-car software platform that Facebook was interested in. When you push the envelope, it naturally draws top talent.

A Visual Taxonomy of Ideas

If your job has ever been to come up with good ideas, you’ll relate to this.

Via @brainpicker

Demand Media Adds a Dash of Social to Its Ads, With Help From Facebook and Twitter

The concept behinds Reach Generator, Facebook’s new platform, is to take you best social content and publish it straight to ads. Demand Media is now doing that with standard online ad inventory.

5 Social Media Marketing Trends: New Research

A very good compilation of research and data around social media. Slightly skewed toward small and medium businesses, but good data overall.

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Links pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of Facebook content strategy tool Zuum.

Facebook Profiles Found to Predict Job Performance

A fascinating study. What I really like about this, and the use of social media data for insight in general, is that social media is probably the most natural, thorough, and easily observable behavioral clues we send out. The fact that the Facebook page observations were then mapped back to offline world performance of the subjects brings a lot of validation to the findings.

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Point guard fundamentals of Jeremy Lin

This is a great way to use graphics to demonstrate the game of basketball.

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The Most Bizarre Direct Mail Tests in History

A quick and funny read.

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How Facebook Can Improve Upon It’s “F” Grade in F-Commerce

Excellent overview on the state of Facebook commerce, and the UX challenges that need to be solved. (If you read Creativing regularly, you know I’m a fan of Augie Ray’s writing.)

Via @augieray

Content, The Heart and Soul of Your Online Brand

How a men’s clothing store used content development to impressively grow their brand. I love that they hired the editor of the British Esquire to drive their content. This is really smart stuff for anyone interested in content marketing.

Via @jeffbullas

Users Trusting Google Less & Less

I think Google will be one of the more interesting brand stories in years to come. They have probably the most humanist motto ever by a large corporation: “Don’t Be Evil”. Yet more and more their practices in the area of privacy are coming under serious criticism. This doesn’t get into specifics, but does shed some interesting light in terms of how brands can get away with seemingly going against their core principles.

Via @seroundtable

Storify Launches iPad App

An interesting 45 second video. There’s been a lot of buzz about how the iPad needs to be a better content creation tool, and not just content consumption. Looking forward to trying this out, as it’s certainly in that direction.

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Links pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of Facebook content strategy tool Zuum.

Break Media and Sony Team Up to Make Advertising Agencies Nervous

This is about agencies losing the high-end bucks in commercial production. If you look at what’s happened in other areas of production, from typography to photography to audio recording, this would certainly seem like the next domino to fall.

State Of The Social Media Agency [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interesting comparison between traditional and social media agencies. Perhaps most striking is that 50% of social media agencies are outside the US.

Via @jasonkeath

Seven Keys to a Strong Corporate Blog

They note that corporate blogs are trending down, and I’m not surprised, with Facebook providing a simpler platform and a more cost-effective way to get readers. That said, blogs are about good content, and the principles behind a good blog and good Facebook content are closely connected.

Via @steverubel

Is Facebook Destroying Email?

This topic is addressed on almost a monthly basis, but I also find it one of the more fascinating trends in terms of media usage, because email has always been considered the killer app.  The striking part isn’t the trend, but how severe it is among 12-17 year olds. One note is that at the younger ages, communication tends to be much simpler. But there’s definitely a habit forming that will be difficult to change.

Via @jeffbullas

New Belgium Brewery: Our Facebook Fans Are Worth $50 Million

Some strong research supporting the value of a FB community. What highly noteworthy is the way they’re remarketing product news and offers to their fans via Facebook. IMO, this is one of the most powerful features of how Facebook is combining content marketing with paid media. Finding out what content is most engaging on Facebook, then applying that to paid media messages to highly targeted individuals.

Via @learmonth

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pinterest for Marketing

I advise most brands to make sure they’ve really mastered Facebook prior to venturing into emerging social networks, but of course there’s always PR value that can be generated with creative new uses of social networks.

Clever Valentine’s Day Google Trick

Google this: (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(400*x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.4)*(4-x*x)^0.1

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Links pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of Facebook content strategy tool Zuum.

The 20 most entertaining Super Bowl tweets

Funny stuff. Naturally, a lot of ad references.

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Input Error – Histories of Social Media

Just came across this site. I like both the content and the URLs implication: That social media may be a new term, but it’s a long-standing phenomenon.

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Glam Media launches, a culinary site with a social network baked in

In the social media wars, what will most likely pull large numbers of people away from Facebook: A new general social network, or something more niche? I personally think the niche sites have a lot more to offer in terms of a more engaging experience. I think the big question will be how well they can integrate with Facebook, and then slowly siphon off traffic to their own properties.

Via @lizstrauss

Where To Find Budget For Content Marketing

Good content requires resources. Some of the challenge is simply identifying the diamonds in the rough, and knowing how to put the right polish on them. This is a good list of places to look into if you find yourself in need of ways to fill out a content calendar.

Via @heidicohen

98 Content Marketing Articles to Make You an Insomniac

Maybe a bit overkill, but given the increasing importance of the subject, it’s worth perusing.

Via @copyblogger

The Only 4 Reasons Agencies Should Care About Their Own Content Marketing

Content marketing is a rapidly-expanding part of the marketing world, so it makes sense that agencies should practice it for their own gain.

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Confessions of a Young Digital Media Planner

No matter what division of the agency or marketing department you’re in, this is a good reflection on where the business is headed.

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This is what the first half of the Super Bowl looked like on Twitter

Looks like the Twitter user base prefers Madonna to football.

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Links pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of Facebook content strategy tool Zuum.

Tumblr hires a dedicated team to write about…Tumblr

Tumblr demonstrating they understand the value of content marketing.

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Social business: Social media integration

A nice data visualization from a survey on how companies are integrating social media, and what their expectations are. One stat that really stands out to me is, 52% of the respondents said their most important social media metric is leads generated. All roads lead back to ROI.

Via @wearesocial

Is Social Media Killing the Website?

I think a lot of people are asking this question. I agree with the author, that while a Facebook page seems a must for many businesses, it’s not time to mothball the website yet.

Via @Robert_Rose and @MeganLeap

Ten Things To Think About When Designing Your iPad App

If you think you’ll ever sit down to create an iPad app, bookmark this link.

Via @DesignerDepot

Mapping Facebook’s growth – Decoder (1:10)

You’ve seen a lot of charts on Facebook’s growth, but this short video is still stunning. Especially how the growth has continued through recent years.

Via @AntDeRosa

Five books you should be reading.

A short list from David Armano, EVP, strategist at Edelman.

Via @maddiegrant

What brands register with a five-year-old?

This is both funny and insightful. Some interesting insights, such as the Apple logo standing for ‘the Apple store’. That was one of Jobs’ reasons for wanting to launch the store — the brand recognition.

Via @johnboese

How Brands Can Manage Facebook Comment Overload

A fire drill that anyone managing a Facebook page should go through.

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Why Reddit Rules in the Social Media Age

Sometimes success isn’t due to unique features, but rather having just the right balance of familiar features.

5 tips to increase engagement on your Facebook Page

A good overview and a quick read.


Articles that point towards the future of marketing:

Social Media, Where Art Thou?

Great POV on how SOPA is about more than just piracy.

Via @BeverlyMacy

The Pinterest Debate Between Two Friends

If you’re on Pinterest, you probably don’t need a chart to let you know their traffic has been explosive lately. This is a nice debate that’s really more about the long term business model than short term marketing potential. Like Foursquare, I think there will be a lot of brands who can leverage this for some good press with innovative promotions. But per their business model description — to connect people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests — I think Facebook is already doing that very well.

Via @JayBaer

Don’t Kill Your Business With Social Media Distraction

A good reality check for anyone deeply immersed in social media.

Via @KevinJDean

Facebook Plugins Keep People On Websites 50% Longer

What I find remarkable here is that logging in to a site with the standard login, versus Facebook, would seem to imply a tighter connection to the brand, as you’ve taken the time to actually register with the site. Yet the data says those logged in via Facebook are the more engaged visitors.

Via @MariSmith

Facebook Users Spend 27% Of Their Time In The Newsfeed

A lot of data coming out recently on how powerful the Newsfeed is relative to other Facebook features. This is particularly true of brands, because this is the best way they can most organically reach their fans.

Via @JasonKeath

Facebook’s ‘Like’ button gets new friends: ‘LOVE!’ ‘BOO!’ ‘OMG!’ and many more

I could see this getting out of control, but it’s also going to generate a lot of near term interest and activity.

Via @katewalling

Inside Forbes: Our Content Strategy, Brand Power and the Path Forward

If you’re following content marketing trends, this is a great overview of how a major publisher became an online content generator. They have an insightful flow chart on their content process.

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10 links that point to the future of marketing:

Apple announces free iBooks Author OS X app for publishing books to the App Store

Amazon certainly has a sizable lead in the personal publishing space, but I’ve been more than a little surprised that they haven’t moved faster towards making it much, much easier to create Kindle books. Apple has already proven their ability to take simple UX to large audiences, from musicians using GarageBand to mass consumers purchasing through the iTunes store. If Apple can own the best creative process, they could end up with the best content.

Via @briansolis

Social As We See It: Digital Trends for 2012

A good outline of some top line trends and the apps that are helping make it happen.

Via @postadvertising

55% of Brand Ambassadors Prefer Facebook

Not much info in support of the research methodology, but overall this doesn’t surprise me. In fact, I’d have thought it would be higher.

Via @Britopian

Disruptions: Design Sets the Tone at a New Start-Up

An good example of branding that goes straight to the core of a company. It’s brand building by demonstration.

Via @kdoohan

Twitter Calls on Former Apple Exec for Marketing Help

Per the article, I’m not sure Twitter’s problem is people’s understanding of the service, but it will be interesting to see what issues they address in their move to push media.

Via @Aerocles

Three Men And A Basement: How Carrot Creative Grew

Inspiring story about three guys building a social media agency

Via @socialfresh

IBM’s 5 in 5 – a list of innovations which predicts future technology trends and applications.

Some interesting concepts presented in a branded content video from IBM.

Via @CraigDaitch

Marketers Still Struggling With Social

There’s an interesting thing happening in social media. While marketers are increasing their spending, they’re also admitting they aren’t entirely on top of how to manage the potential of social media. And like it’s always been in marketing, those with the best knowledge will be in a highly-advantageous position.

Via @hicais

Social Networking Stats: Facebook To Reach One Billion Users By August, #RLTM Scoreboard

Some very simple, clear data on why Facebook is driving the boat for most company’s social media efforts.

Via @tamarabarber seeing strong traffic growth

Forbes went through a big redesign recently, and it’s great to see that as well as their content marketing efforts paying off.

Via @steverubel


10 links that point to the future of interactive marketing:

 ‘People Talking About This’ defined

Like a lot of things on Facebook, it’s not entirely transparent, but the short answer is, it’s a look at the unique number of people who’ve referenced your page in some way over the past week.

Via @JayBaer

Is email going out with 2011?

This is an interesting POV on what’s been an ongoing debate. I’d say Yes, social media is replacing email, but of course, the more you connect with people via social media, the more email you’re likely to get. It’s written by the Craig in Craigslist, who’s always a good read.

Via @MariSmith

5 Tips for Making Your Brand More Social

It’s good to see more emphasis being placed on How we communicate, and not just what to do when. That’s the real differentiator.

Via @Mike_Stelzner @PhillipDavis

OpenSocial and the Future of Social Business

Perhaps the most likely Facebook competitor at this point could be a combination of all other social networks working together fluidly. A good overview of Open Social.

Via @Britopian

Six Important Shifts for Social Media In 2012

Really like this post, especially the part about Strategic Content Planning. Companies of all size and shape are going to start paying a lot more attention to what they’re posting, and how it both relates to their business and drives engagement.

Via @Britopian

7 Silly Mistakes to Stop Making in Your PR Pitches

Given that content marketing and PR are so closely connected, people accustomed to pushing messages should find this a helpful read. A lot of these are simply about taking the time to do your homework.

Via @PublicityGuru

Tech Tuesday: How The Web Works (Overview)

I’ve always been a fan of understanding how things work, even if you’ll never really have to work at a technical level. This is an easy-to-follow explanation of how all this stuff ends up on your computer screen.

Via @fredwilson

Look At The Shocking Difference Between Fast Food Ads And Real Menu Items

Of course anyone who’s ever been on a photo shoot knows the drill, here. The point is, not too long ago no major publication would have published this, and smaller publications wouldn’t have gotten distribution. The combination of blogs and social media networks changes that. The result is a new forced transparency.

Via @johnboese

Again, another article emphasizing the nature of the content. Quote: “E-Commerce has given us so much extra information,” says Neukomm, “but the social channel and emotional engagement may be the most important.”

Via @haydn1701

Facebook Comments go mobile

Given the increasing confluence of social and mobile, this is not a small step.

Via @MariSmith


10 links that point to the future of marketing:

Facebook Users With High Self-Esteem Prefer Targeted Ads @PSFK

So would ads that try to create a need by making the viewer feel lacking or inadequate be better off on a friend’s page? Interesting psychology going on here.
From @johnboese

Of Rogues and Gentlemen — New blog from Brooks Brothers

In the world of content marketing, blogs could be making a comeback. Especially for retail companies that need to push new products and promotions heavily on their website.
From @mrstephenbeck

This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids | …

Love this installation art piece. Great way for a museum to connect with kids.
From felipe.bascope

Model Stars As Alexander Olch In Necktie Tutorial | NewMediaRockstars

I like this simple piece of content. It’s both fun and informative, in a pretty fluid way. The model is certainly going to add to the budget, but she also sets them up for a good amount of buzz, as well.

When the Car Radio Was Introduced, People Freaked Out – Mental Floss

Interesting story about the onset of car radios and the danger they seemed to impose. I’m not advocating texting-while-driving, but this simply shows how technologies, and our facility with them, both improve over time to change the situation.

What Are The Core Principles of Collaboration?

Good example of what really drives social behavior. Success to those who play the game well.
From @Britopian

Analyst Chetan Sharma Lays the Roadmap For Mobile In 2012

A survey on mobile trends from one of the industry’s best analysts, only this time he’s turned and surveyed those he most respects. Most surprising? That mobile advertising won’t be as hot as many might think.

Report Shows Social and Mobile Converging | Business 2 Community

According to this, social media is the #2 mobile activity. That’s partly the result of vast improvements in social media wap sites and apps.
From @mariapoveromo

Data: Composition of a Corporate Social Media Team « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Ow…

As more business units want to own parts of the social media program (just like home page real estate), the key division in this org chart is the split between community and business unit managers.

Writers Block? Try this Quick Tip

This is pretty clever, and while it’s aimed for bloggers, I think it applies to the content generation space in general.
From @socialfresh


10 links that point towards the future of marketing:

The Importance of Being Awesome

It’s been said before, but knowing what type of content works, or is awesome, has to be a major strategic and communication goal for brands.

Streamglider Takes On Flipboard And Pulse With Sleek Social Interest

Given how new iPad publishing is, there’s going to be a lot of room for improvement. This is one iPad app for social news that I’ll be checking out over the holidays.

Social networking booming in Egypt, Russia, survey finds –

Reading this only confirms the sense that there’s still a big gap in the social scene for a much simpler (read: text-like) social format that appeals to the smartphone-less set, a far larger group than those who own smartphones.

Five Social Media Books you Should Read

Some books to read while you’re digesting the turkey.

Will Mobile Rule the World in 2012? via @PostAdvertising

Some good examples of peak developments on the mobile front.

NASA’s Virtual Snow Globe Looks at 10 Years of the White Stuff

An interesting composite of NASA video. This feels like something a a moving infographic and time lapse cinematography.

How to design your presentations for social sharing

The idea of making any form of content primed for social sharing should be a standard approach to any brand’s message development.

What You Need to Know About YouTube’s New Analytics Program

I really like the Audience Retention data — showing you where viewers drop off in a video. I’m surprised YouTube didn’t roll that out years ago.

Your Twitter Stream Is Boring Me To Tears. Stop It.


Google+ Brand Pages Begin Showing Up in Primary Search Results

While Facebook currently seems to own the future of social search, Google has been far more innovative in pushing search ahead. Facebook might be well off to hire a few Googlers to help push their search innovation.