Gymkhana 5 for under $1m, Is the Internet killing ad creativity, and social media spending is booming

News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

How Gymkhana 5 was made for under $1m

10 minutes of stunt driving video shot during the day in SF for under $1m. Amazing.

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Is the Internet Killing Advertising Creativity?

A piece written by a lawyer. I would guess lawyers have killed more creative than the Internet :|

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How Blank Display Ads Managed to Tot Up Some Impressive Numbers

What’s stands out to me is that they create a bogus, blank ad and have the clickers actually responded to an inquiry on the ad asking why they clicked. They said out of curiosity. That means a significant portion of them noticed the unique ad, and actually took action. At least it confirms that distinct creative gets noticed.

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Google’s Interactive Calculator

Go to Google and search “2+2″ and see what happens.

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Social Media Revenue Booms, Led by Ads

Good news in the social media space.

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Facebook to introduce sponsored results in search typeahead

Facebook’s making several moves into the search space. They certainly must be getting a lot of search traffic. Most interesting is that they’re allowing direct bidding against competitor pages and apps.

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Yes, Google, Do What You Can and Save Us From Wretched Infographics

WhenThe Atlanticstarts screaming for an end to Infographics, you know they’ve cleared the shark.

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