The Noob Guide to Online Marketing, Facebook Sharing Habits of US v Europe, and the Content Marketing Strategy Trap

News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

The title’s in jest, as this is really a good overview for anyone. Few brands will do all of this, but I really like the timeline orientation of the various disciplines. It’s very much how online marketing should be viewed.

P&G’s Content Marketing Strategy for the Olympics

This is a smart high-level view of their Olympics marketing effort. Given content marketing’s recency (check it out on Google Trends), there’s a lot of evolution that’s going to take place.

B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Really well-thought-out downloadable PDF.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Sharing Habits, U.S. Vs. Europe

Interesting, although not as one-sided as I may have guessed.

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105 Facebook Advertising Case Studies

This is a pretty remarkable list.

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Digital Media’s Ever-Swifter Incursion

Great coverage by the NY Times of the launch of Huffington and the current state of magazine publishing. Killer line in this article: “Mr. Jobs may be gone, but he is still winning arguments.” A must read.

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How to Avoid the Content Marketing Strategy Trap: An Interview with Scott Abel

A long transcription of a podcast, also available via MP3. I’d go that route. There’s a lot of info, but I really like his push for the need to simplification. Here’s the interviewee, talking about Apple’s iPhone launch as an example of a successful content marketing strategy: “So, their strategy was minimize the amount of collateral we need to create. Create something that can hit multiple audiences for multiple intent, which then, of course, reduces downstream costs.”

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Caribou Coffee Revels in Its Role as the Little Guy

It’s always interesting when David takes on Golliath. Here’s what David’s saying in this case: “We’ve found that digital platforms are much more cost-efficient in getting impressions,” said Mr. Martel “To try and compete with McDonald’s and massive broadcast marketers — we’re not going to win that game, so we have to fight a smarter fight. Relevance of message is clearly better achieved through digital and social, as well as the ability to have a conversation. … [You] can have folks give you immediate feedback,” he said.

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