Photojournalism on an iPhone, 11 big social media stats, and content marketing as a “force multiplier”

News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

Photojournalism with Hipstamatic

This is sure to rev up the purists in the photojounalism ranks. Most interesting to me is the idea that an iPhone app that’s something of a fun toy is applied to photojournalism. Maybe the ultimate statement is that that’s how technically-advanced our mobile phone cameras have become. I have to wonder how many shots he’ll lose to blur, though.

11 Shocking New Social Media Statistics in America

The team at Edison Research has put together a comprehensive study around social media. Jay Baer does his usual great job of identifying the most impacting points.

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NOW Do You Hate the Click?

If you’re not that familiar with the history of the banner and the click-thru rate (CTR) as it’s key metric, just know to be very careful with the metrics that get applied to marketing initiatives. The online banner industry is still suffering from people latching onto the CTR as the primary method for campaign evaluation, with no sign of change, despite numerous other (read: better) ways to measure campaign performance. Choose your metrics wisely.

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32 Innovations that will change your tomorrow

I haven’t posted much about “the Internet of things” lately, but this is right up that alley. Many of these ideas are tied directly to smarter products. Also, note how as you scroll down the page, the background gradually changes. Nice visual touch.

Content Marketing as a “Force Multiplier”

Excellent support for strong content marketing initiatives.

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Get Your Brand Off the Screen and Into the Third Dimension

A good reminder that branding is a lot more than a well-crafted message.

Tokyo Subway Straps Send Ads to Your Smartphone

Sneak peak into the future of mobile and near field communications (NFC).

Is Google Running Away With Ad Tech?

Google gets a lot of flack for dropping the ball on social media, but they’re far from asleep, and making serious moves in other areas of advertising (areas, I might add, that are proven revenue generators).

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