New Facebook Page features, the power of Open Graph, and 3-D printing’s legal dilemma

News pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

Facebook Ads, Do They Work or Is GM Being Rash? Wrong Questions.

More thoughts on the GM/Facebook issue. This article makes a lot of points, but what I find most interesting is that Facebook continues to spend significantly on Facebook content ($30m/year), and Facebook paid advertising is designed to help them leverage that content investment. I don’t see how dropping the paid media component fits with their long-term Facebook strategy, unless it’s simply a temporary regrouping to get their paid media strategy tighter.

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Facebook Adds Post Scheduling For Pages

This should be great news for smaller businesses, many of whom use Facebook as their primary social media network.

Facebook introduces 5 tiers of page admin access

One of the most clearly-explained developments from Facebook in a while. This really makes sense, and I especially like how they’ve segmented the users.

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Brands Step Up Open Graph Efforts on Facebook

Why integrating Open Graph on your site is ultimately better than just going for page likes.

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Clive Thompson on 3-D Printing’s Legal Morass

3-D printing has to be one of the most remarkable consumer technologies on the horizon.

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‘Google Book’ Provides an Image for Every Word in the Dictionary

This is very clever. Be sure to watch the video. 5 seconds in and you’ll get it. Note the simplicity of code in developing this. It was all about the idea.

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Facebook IPO Post Mortem – Killer – but not for the reasons you think !

Love this from Mark Cuban. First he bags on the Facebook IPO, then at the very end he let’s you know “Oh, by the way, I just bought $4.8m worth of FB stock.

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Food Bank Foundation: “Hunger Delivery”

Provocative campaign from TBWA in Paraguay. Great courage by both the agency and the client in taking this bold step.

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