Using homeless people as wifi hotspots, Coke’s Facebook page riddles, and B-Reel’s product development plans

Links pointing to the future of marketing, from the co-founder of content strategy tool Zuum.

Use of Homeless as Internet Hot Spots Backfires on Marketer

This is a good example of the value of community-generated content. The comments are as insightful as the article, and show much broader viewpoints.

Secret treat buried in the code at

I haven’t seen many of these Easter egg’s lately, and I get that they’re a little obscure, but certainly add a nice touch of personality to a brand when you hear about them.

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How Doctors Without Borders is Mapping the World’s Epidemics

They’re using Google Earth, of course. An interesting quote from the head of Doctors Without Borders in Nigeria: “If you’ve got ways to visualize your epidemiology data spatially, it can help you figure out, ‘oh that seems to be along this river,’ or ‘that seems to be consistently in this size of town.’ Those kinds of observations are very hard to make from tables of data, but they’re actually quite easy to make from maps.”

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How the Wall Street Journal used Pinterest for a fashion story

With so much buzz around Pinterest, I’ll be featuring examples of how brands and publishers are using it. For this story, the WSJ set up a Pinterest board to support a fashion story. What’s the benefit of doing this over setting up a photo gallery on Facebook? Right now, simply being on Pinterest is going to generate some buzz and interest. And Pinterest seems a little more flexible in providing supporting content around the photos. But clearly, what Pinterest will be trying to sort out is, How to we help brands promote stories like this.

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Zero Moment of Truth: A new ebook from Google

Pretty smart move by Google, and a great example of good content marketing. It’s a free ebook based on a term Google is hoping to embed in the minds of interactive marketiners (shorted to Z-MOT), and is available on all the major ebook platforms. Again, no cost.

Bing violates Facebook’s Timeline graphic guidelines

Facebook has stated that the header graphics on brand Timeline pages are to be photos, and not ads or promotional in nature. I guess Bing didn’t happen to read their guidelines.

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Coca-Cola’s Latest Facebook Gambit: URL Riddles

I really like to see brands exploring new ways to drive interaction, engagement, and sharing. I did jump over and look at Coke’s engagement rate and sharing data on Zuum ( and some of these riddle posts are definitely driving engagement and sharing.

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Ad Execs Bullish On Digital, Marketers More So On Social: Data Reveals ‘Disconnect’ With Agencies

Things are looking up for digital, and especially social.

Digital Production Company B-Reel Launches Product Development Division

While a number of agencies have stepped into the product development world, the projects outlined here are particularly innovative uses of technology, imo.

Via @FastCompany

Facebook vs. Twitter: Old-School Business Models Still Rule

Looking at the real numbers behind the hype, this article explains why Facebook is such an 800lb gorilla in the social media space.

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