Social Media Where Art Thou?, The Great Pinterest Debate, and how Facebook Connect drives Website engagement

Articles that point towards the future of marketing:

Social Media, Where Art Thou?

Great POV on how SOPA is about more than just piracy.

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The Pinterest Debate Between Two Friends

If you’re on Pinterest, you probably don’t need a chart to let you know their traffic has been explosive lately. This is a nice debate that’s really more about the long term business model than short term marketing potential. Like Foursquare, I think there will be a lot of brands who can leverage this for some good press with innovative promotions. But per their business model description — to connect people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests — I think Facebook is already doing that very well.

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Don’t Kill Your Business With Social Media Distraction

A good reality check for anyone deeply immersed in social media.

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Facebook Plugins Keep People On Websites 50% Longer

What I find remarkable here is that logging in to a site with the standard login, versus Facebook, would seem to imply a tighter connection to the brand, as you’ve taken the time to actually register with the site. Yet the data says those logged in via Facebook are the more engaged visitors.

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Facebook Users Spend 27% Of Their Time In The Newsfeed

A lot of data coming out recently on how powerful the Newsfeed is relative to other Facebook features. This is particularly true of brands, because this is the best way they can most organically reach their fans.

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Facebook’s ‘Like’ button gets new friends: ‘LOVE!’ ‘BOO!’ ‘OMG!’ and many more

I could see this getting out of control, but it’s also going to generate a lot of near term interest and activity.

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Inside Forbes: Our Content Strategy, Brand Power and the Path Forward

If you’re following content marketing trends, this is a great overview of how a major publisher became an online content generator. They have an insightful flow chart on their content process.

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