One measure of Steve Jobs’ impact, Facebook’s Timeline issues, and Google to be the largest content producer

  • Date October 6, 2011
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10 links that point to the future of digital marketing:

Yves Béhar: Steve Jobs Changed My Life – Forbes

There are a lot of Steve Jobs eulogies going around, but I really like this short POV. It puts Jobs’ impact in a very simple perspective. How much time do you spend with Apple products, compared to any other brand out there. Well put.

Facebook Reveals More Details About Timeline, Including an Approval Process for Open Graph Apps

Timeline is going to be one of the major changes in Facebook’s UX to date. There are some interesting issues surfacing, ranging from user privacy to spam prevention, covered in this post.

Google Will Be the Largest Content Producer

This should remove any doubts on the importance of content in your marketing mix.

8 Takeaways From Facebook’s Guides For Public Figures

People are brands too. Or is it brands should act like people? Either way, what works for celebrities can often be carried over to brands.

Facebook now the size of the Internet in 2004 – The Space Between @ & WWW

I think this stat is way more compelling than comparing Facebook to a country, which is pretty abstract IMO. But if you think about the Internet in 2004, how many companies then would have felt they really didn’t have to be on the Internet, and really didn’t have to allocate any big chunk of budget to figuring out how to succeed on the Internet. That’s Facebook today.

Eye-Tracking Google SERPs – 5 Tales of Pizza | SEOmoz

Great images on how our eyes scan various search engine results pages. With Google providing more varied and more complex search results pages, it’s interesting to see what attracts our attention relative to the type of search we’re doing. It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation.

If Google’s Management Doesn’t Use Google+, Then Why Should You?


Why TED’s ‘Ads Worth Spreading’ Aren’t Really Spreading – Advertising Age

This really highlights the importance of integrating paid and social media efforts. It’s even more important when what you’re trying to promote is an ad. Something people are inclined to dislike anyway.

Twitter Launches Advertising Blog, Twitter Account

I’m still not sold on Twitter’s long term mainstream appeal and how they’ll make money on whatever audience they have, but they are the second most interesting social network on the scene in the US. Their new blog/Twitter feed dedicated to their paid advertising program will be a good way to stay on top of their latest developments.

This Is Your Brain on Marketing – Adweek

If you’re not entirely familiar with the MRI research being done on triggers in marketing messages, this is a good overview. I’m not sure how reliable the data is yet, but things are definitely heading in an interesting direction.

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