Facebook invents the future, designing around customer hassles, and merging social and paid media

  • Date September 23, 2011
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10 posts that point to the future of digital marketing:

Facebook Changes Again: Everything You Need To Know

Read this to see the future. The level of nuance to engagement is great. What’s remarkable is that Facebook had 500m people visit the site in a single day. Remarkable level of visitor loyalty.

Text Messaging: The Great Age Divide – Aging Online

This is quite a revealing chart. Note the precipitous drop once people hit an age where they’re likely in the workforce, or at least spending a lot of time in front of a computer at a desk. Younger people simply tend to be more socially active, and geographically mobile. And when you’re out and about, everyone knows texting’s value. I’d be curious to see how much IM the older ages use. My guess is a lot, and that while that was the communication mode of choice by young people ten years ago, it’s now moved over to mobile phones.

Google + 1 Button On Display Ads, Plus Influence Ad Quality

This is basically what Facebook has been doing since their Comment ads. What I find notable is the clunkiness of the term “+1′d”. That looks terrible in print, and sounds even worse. Maybe “Liked” wasn’t perfect, but at least it rolls off the tongue.

Hassle Maps: The Genesis Of Demand | Fast Company

This is a far bigger issue with content development and brand experiences than it is for paid media messages.

SocialApps HQ Debuts Photo Contest And Hotel Tabs

While engagement is the new buzzword, converting traffic through the use of custom tab development on Facebook is going to be a hot issue. Especially as it leads to a clearer understanding of a brand’s Facebook page ROI.

Google Proves Not Being On Social Media Will Kill Your SEO

Social SEO is a term popping up more and more. This is a good outline of not only it’s importance in being ranked in search engines, but also why having all your social media data and profiles up to date will be a big advantage.

A VC: In Situ Content

The collective mindset of computers is going in this direction, and as people become more and more accustomed to doing things wherever they are and on whatever computing device they have with them, companies will need to understand that basic expectation.

Fox, NBC barred from text-to-win sweepstakes as part of settlement – Mobile Marketer – Legal/privacy

Just a note that if you’re charging people to text to enter some sort of contest, you’re venturing into tricky water.

35 Beautifully Animated Photographs a.k.a Cinemagraphs | inspirationfeed.com

There’s a new term for a new technique a week, it seems. These “cinemagraphs” are pretty cool. Reminds me of video stills.

Small-Town Gossip Moves to the Web, Anonymous and Vicious – NYTimes.com

This is ugly, but it’s reality and it’s community behavior.

How Much Can You Say in 140 Characters? A Lot, if You Speak Japanese – The Atlantic

I’d be curious to hear some examples about how this might be effecting how people communicate.

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