American Apparel get’s Punk’d, Facebook’s new subscription model, and the latest in F-commerce

  • Date September 15, 2011
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Ten links that point to the future of digital marketing:

American Apparel’s Plus-Sized Model Search Gets Punk’d | Adweek

When you run a consumer-generated media contest, be careful what you ask for.

Facebook’s new subscription model

Facebook made an interesting move this week to a more Twitter-like subscription model. This is a good, quick overview of the changes. Note that this doesn’t impact how brand pages function.

Should Twitter be afraid of Facebook’s subscribe feature? — Tech News and Analysis

Another take on the recent Facebook subscription announcement, this more from a Twitter comparison POV. However, I do think Twitter should be afraid of Facebook, and think it’s safe to say that MySpace wasn’t afraid enough of them.

Microsoft, AOL, And Yahoo Announce Huge Ad-Selling Partnership

This move really makes sense, as all of these companies are being left in the dust by Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and maybe even Twitter.

Michelle Phan’s Art of Gold – YouTube

I really like this story for a number of reasons. It shows how individuals with a vision can use social media to create change in their lives, as well as how brands can use that to create a real win-win-win for themselves, the individuals, and their customers.

Doc Searls: If you were running Facebook, what would you do right now? – YouTube

This is advice a lot of companies might not be able to take. But given the enormous amount of profile information they have, and the value of that information, I think he’s pretty dead on.

Successful Retailers Use Sales and Email Promotions, Free Shipping to Attract Shoppers Online

This isn’t surprising if you know that one of the top reasons people follow a brand is for sales information. And in this economy, that’s reason is likely to be even more influential.

Secret Whitelist Protects Top Facebook Page Management Tools From Engagement-Reducing Post Consolidation

The tool that you’re using to post on Facebook can have a big (like up to 70% big) impact on your performance. I don’t see this as a negative, but rather Facebook simply taking near-term measure to correct a skew that was happening because of how they were consolidating or grouping posts that they’re system thought was coming from the same source. Ultimately, Facebook is sure to figure out a more organic way of handling this.

Google: Get Ready for Mobile Holiday Shoppers Now – Search Engine Watch

With the holiday season coming up (I know, but at least I’m not hanging lights yet), this is a good reminder to have your mobile ecom sites fine-tuned. The level of mobile activity is remarkable, and if you think of it in terms of how much a well-optimized site could impact your bottom line, it feels even more important.

Facebook Commerce App Sneakpeeq Adds 300+ Brands

The so-called F-commerce space is going to be very interesting. Sneakpeeq is a way of leveraging a crowd to add a kind of gaming layer to shopping. A little bit Groupon, but more of an immediate game aspect.

DIGIDAY:DAILY – Twitter Button Can Increase Site Traffic

Some simple proof that all those “Tweet this” and “Share that” buttons are working. Not surprising, just proof.

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